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Summer Flights

Rob Handfield Weighs in on Summer Travel Surge

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management and director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, provides expert insight into the summer travel surge this year. 

The Poole College Experience

Through our active integration of research, innovation and education, the Poole College of Management drives excellence – in our classrooms and in business and industry. Read how we think and do in our academic programs and through our centers and initiatives, and consider the opportunities to engage with us.

Meet Trevor Ferree, co-founder of TSV Analytics and newest member of the 2022 Andrews Launch Accelerator cohort. 🚀👏

Current-day social media management tools are often focused on telling you what just happened, but TSV Analytics is focused on telling you what is about to happen on social media. 📲

TSV Analytics is a prescriptive social media analytics growth tool designed to help build brands on social media. 

The company started after an undergraduate research project conducted in the Poole College, during which they were helping track what conversations were happening on social media about different chemicals being used in paint coatings. 🎨

After a while, the team saw the applicability of this research elsewhere and started TSV. The team consists of two founders, Trevor Ferree and Aidan McCarthy. Ferree earned a Bachelor of Science in economics with a minor in 2020 while McCarthy received a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in information technology in 2021. 🎓👏

Red & white (and blue) 🔴⚪🔵 

Happy 4th of July, #PoolePack! 🇺🇸🎇
Welcome to the #PoolePack class of 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣6️⃣ 🎉🐺🐾

This week we hosted new student orientation in Talley! We welcomed 750+ new students to the Poole family! 🥰❤️

What advice do you have for our new students? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#PooleOrientation #NCState26 #NCStatePoole
Still reminiscing about how amazing this day was… 🎓🥰 #NCState22 #PoolePack @ncstate
Share with us what you are up to this summer. ⬇️☀️🕶 #PoolePack
Our Memorial Belltower was built to pay tribute to NC State alumni who died in World War I. ❤️

Today on #MemorialDay, we honor all who gave their lives in service to our country. 🇺🇸🐺🐾
Adventures from our #PoolePack study abroad students in Spain and France. 🌎✈️🇪🇸🇫🇷 @pooleglobal #PooleGlobal
‘Day in the Life’ in Seville, Spain. 🇪🇸

Our social media intern @ruthiebrock_ shares her experience studying abroad with @pooleglobal. 🌎📚 #PoolePack
❤️ if you love the Wolfpack as much as we do 🐺🐾

📍Reynolds Coliseum @ncstate
Graduation ✅🎓🔥

Congratulations #PoolePack class of 2022 🎉 Our hearts ever hold you. ❤️ @ncstate #NCState22
We’ve got the goosebumps 🎓🥰🎉🐺🐾

#NCState22 #PoolePack @ncstate @ncstatealumni
“I’m Arianna Dolikhani, my major is business administration with a concentration in Human Resources! I am graduating a year early, and I will be attending NC State Jenkins MBA this fall to get my masters degree in Business. I’m a passionate make-up artist as well 🙂 

My favorite Poole Memory is when I went to the Career Center, I felt heard and valued and they helped me build my resume that got me to where I am today. I genuinely enjoyed all the memories while in Poole, professors, mentors, friends, classes, everything. Enough to come back! ❤️”

#NCState22 #PoolePack @ncstatemba @ncstate 🎓🐺🐾
“My favorite memory at Poole was when I was invited to my first Poole Party and found, much to my dismay, there was no pool. However, for what it lacked in aquatic facilities, Poole has no shortage of caring professors, abundant resources, a vibrant student body and an unmatched sense of community! I cherish every memory Poole offered me as a Marketing concentrator and Business Analytics Honors Program participant, and am elated to carry my experiences forward post-graduation, as I move to Miami, FL to complete my MBA while working in corporate branding!” - @soumya27 🐺🐾🎓❤️

#NCState22 #PoolePack @ncstate