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A photo highlighting the engineering buildings, particularly the Fitts-Woolard building, on Centennial Campus, in relation to downtown Raleigh skyline

Celebrating Black History Month

This month, we elevate and celebrate the past and current contributions of our African American community members. Across the country and right here on campus, there will be numerous virtual and in-person events to participate in.

Explore Degree and Non-Degree Programs

Through our active integration of research, innovation and education, the Poole College of Management drives excellence – in our classrooms and in business and industry. Our emphasis on experiential learning, corporate partnerships, international and honors programs, and research opportunities are designed to enable you to make an immediate impact in the working world.

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February is #BlackHistoryMonth. 🖤🐺🐾 

Black History Month is a time when communities across the nation come together to celebrate the achievements of and by Black Americans and recognize the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

This year our theme is Black Euphoria: Just B.E.  During this month we invite reflection and engagement on themes around wellness, peace, contentment, healing, tranquility, and love. 🫶🏾 This is a celebration of the fullness of what it means to live a holistic Black experience. 🖤

Get involved. ➡️
Bringing that #ThinkAndDo spirit ALL the way to the top! 🗻🐺🐾

Chuck Keeley, #PoolePack ‘85 B.A. Business Management alum and President of CGR-Products, summited Mount Vinson, the tallest peak in Antarctica (16,505 feet) on Monday, January 16, 2023. ❄️🗻

George Earhart is an NC State Master of Management Risk and Analytics (MRA) student. 🐺🐾 Learn more about him in this Q&A. ⬇️

Q: Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background

A: I’m a recently retired Air Force veteran, after 22 years of service. I have also been recently admitted into the Poole College of Management’s Risk and Analytics Program where I will be starting this January in the spring semester! I am looking to start a new career in the next year in Defense Technology Space.

In 2010, I found myself on my 8th deployment to Afghanistan and unfortunately, I was catastrophically injured to the point where I didn’t know what my career would be. I spent about a year in the hospital learning how to walk again. I started going to school part-time and started working on a Bachelor’s in Intelligence Studies. After finishing my Bachelor’s, I completed a Master’s in Security Studies from East Carolina, and I finished that with a study abroad in Bosnia. Shortly after applying, I pursued an MBA at UNCW.

Q: The Masters in Risk Analytics is a very new program. What were some of the factors that made you think that this was the program for you?

A: After talking to the faculty early on in the process and being given access to the curriculum, I could see how I would use the course work in what I’m about to get into as well as commercially. I could see the course work where I would learn the data analytics skills that I want to learn and get more proficient at but then have a more disciplined direction in how I use those skills with risk analytics for finance and operational risk. I’ve seen different Business Analytics programs with some different focus areas, but nothing like this. 

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Welcome to the #PoolePack early action applicants!! 🎉🐺🐾🔴⚪️👏 @ncstate 

#IChoseNCState 🤘
PORT CITY JAVA in Nelson Hall is BACK! ☕️🎉

Come grab a cup of coffee before class to fuel your #ThinkAndDo ☕️🧠 #PoolePack #NCStatePoole
Meet @mckinley.beaty the president of @poolepeerleaders 🎉🐺🐾

“Students should join Peer Leaders because it gives them the opportunity to provide mentorship and engage in meaningful discussion for every student that passes through Poole. You will be able to form connections with groups of students and help them navigate their first year at NC State. In the organization, you will vastly expand your network with other like minded business students and connect with the advisory staff at Poole. We also have guest speakers, company recruiters, and fun events.” 

#PoolePack #NCStatePoole
Meet Isabella Tarlton! 🐺🐾👋 She is a #PoolePack undergrad who is also a part of the NC State MAC program. @ncstatemac 

Check out our Instagram Story to learn more about her experience in the program. ⬆️
1️⃣5️⃣ Programs, 5️⃣ Continents, 1️⃣ Incredible Experience ✈️🌎

Summer 2023 Applications are NOW OPEN!

📸: In May and June 2022, 15 students from the Poole traveled to Leeds, England, to take three courses in Entrepreneurship and International Business. One of the courses, MIE410 (“Business Opportunity and Analysis”), is an upper-level course and requires students to consult with an actual startup and develop innovative solutions for the client company. Two faculty members also went to Leeds to teach the courses; one course was unique to Leeds (M380, Doing
Business Internationally) combines business and cultural programs, business lectures, and assignments
to help students understand the local and national economy, businesses and trends.
2022 Year in Review 🎉🐺🐾 #PoolePack #NCStatePoole #ncstate22🎓🐺 @ncstate
#MLKDay display outside of Nelson Hall. 

Learn more about this year’s MLK Jr. Commemorative Week events here. ➡️
We love when our #PoolePack alumni come back to Nelson Hall for a visit. 🐺🐾

Josue Hernandez ‘18 visited with @poolediversity Tayah Butler today in the DEI Hub. 🎉

Josue says it’s incredible being back and that he was inspired to see the new DEI space. 

“Back when I was there we didn’t have this - it’s inspiring to see it unfold.” #NCStatePoole ❤️
Meet Mary Beth Cole, member of Alpha Kappa Psi. 🎉🐺🐾

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed professional business fraternity committed to the professional development of its members by complementing what is learned in the classroom with real-world, practical experiences.

Learn more about the Spring 2023 Recruitment Process at our information night. 🗓️⬇️
January 19th at 6 pm
Nelson Hall

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Meet Lilly and Yahir, the new President/VP of the Poole Student Advisory Board. 🎉🐺🐾 

Thank you Vikas Anand, #PoolePack Associate Dean of Academic Programs for the photo! 📸 #NCStatePoole
Happy FDOC and welcome to the spring semester! 🎉🐺🐾 #PoolePack @ncstate
Congrats @selfvexkvng for winning 3rd place in the @ncstatealumni #HowlBack contest! 🎉🎓🐺🐾

Jeremiah was also our #PoolePack Fall 2022 commencement speaker! 🎤

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Happy New Year #PoolePack! 🎉🐺🐾 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ #HappyNewYear2023 ✨
Thank you, 2022! 🎉🐺🐾 #PoolePack #HappyNewYear2023 🎆✨
Happy HOWL-idays #PoolePack ✨
We made it fam! 🎉🎓🐺🐾🎈Congrats #PoolePack Class of 2022! #NCState22 #NCStatePoole