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Students at a Poole Party

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The Poole community returns to campus more resilient and more driven to connect than before the pandemic. Explore our bi-annual publication of innovation, engagement and impact across our programs, people and scholarship.

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Through our active integration of research, innovation and education, the Poole College of Management drives excellence – in our classrooms and in business and industry. Read how we think and do in our academic programs and through our centers and initiatives, and consider the opportunities to engage with us.

Autumn leaves and pumpkins please 🍂🍁🎃 Happy first day of fall #PoolePack 🐺🐾 

#fall #firstdayoffall
The #PoolePack will never forget. 

09-11-01 ❤️
Happy Labor Day #PoolePack 🐺🐾 

We hope you are enjoying the day and this beautiful weather! ☀️
Love seeing some of our #PoolePack students at the first @packfootball game last night! 🐺🐾🏈

#GoPack ❤️
*WOLF* 📣 *PACK* 

Who’s ready for this tomorrow? 🐺🐾🏈🤩 @ncstate FOOTBALL IS BACK! ❤️❤️❤️ @ncstate
Congratulations to all of our #NCState20 graduates! 🎓🐺🐾 #PoolePack 

We were so excited to FINALLY celebrate your achievements in-person this past weekend. 🎉❤️
Poole Party is happening NOW! 🎉 

Come out and see us!!! 🐺🐾❤️ #PoolePack

Join us on Wed., Aug. 25 from 2-5 p.m. in Nelson Hall and in the Governors Scott Courtyard (green space next to Nelson) for our annual POOLE PARTY! 🎉🎈🐺🐾

This will be a great time to meet new #PoolePack friends and learn more about our student clubs and organizations! 👏👏👏
Happy first Friday of the fall semester! 👏🐺🐾 You CRUSHED your first week! 🔴⚪️ #PoolePack 

Have any first-week learnings to share? Comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
One of our favorite spots on @ncstate campus! 🔴⚪️ #PoolePack 

Where’s your favorite spot? 🐺🐾

Feed on a feed?! 🤯🐺🐾 #FDOC 🎉 

#PoolePack 🔴⚪️
Welcome back #PoolePack! 🐺🐾 Happy #FDOC 🔴⚪️
We are so excited to welcome 1,100+ new students to Poole College! 468 of which are freshmen! 👏👏👏

#NCStateWWW #NewStudentConvocation @ncstate 🐺🐾🔴⚪️
Dean Frank Buckless snagged this photo with Mr. Wuf at the 24th Annual Legacy Luncheon today! 🐺🐾🔴⚪️

#NCStateWWW @ncstate @ncstatealumni