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Poole College student Timothy Reid

On the Presidential Seat

Business administration student Timothy Reid was elected to serve as NC State Student Body President for 2023-24.

Get to know Reid 

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Through our active integration of research, innovation and education, the Poole College of Management drives excellence – in our classrooms and in business and industry. Our emphasis on experiential learning, corporate partnerships, international and honors programs, and research opportunities are designed to enable you to make an immediate impact in the working world.

Digital Magazine: 30th Anniversary Issue

30 years after its founding, the NC State Poole College of Management is stronger than ever — leveraging our strengths as an innovative, tech-driven, land-grant institution to serve the evolving needs of students and industry.

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Meet Rylan Steffanus a #PoolePack student and Sales Intern at Red Hat. 👏🎉

Rylan is studying business administration with a concentration in IT. 💻

Follow along on IG Stories as Rylan walks us through a day in the life of an intern at Red Hat. 🤳

Waterfall in Argentina 😍🇦🇷

Thank you @e.vivio for sharing these amazing views from your study abroad trip! 🎥✈️🌎

#PooleGlobal #studyabroad #argentina🇦🇷
We miss you #PoolePack ❤️🐺🐾

Share with us what you’re up to this summer — an internship, study abroad, summer job? 👏👏👏

DM us for a chance to be featured this summer on our social media. 🗳️☀️ #NCStatePoole
Meet Archana Jayasekar, a recent #PoolePack graduate and our commencement speaker. 🐺🐾🎓🎤

Check out this Q&A between Archana and @vikasanand777. ⬇️

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your background and a little about yourself? 

A: I’m originally from Charlotte, NC. Growing up, I had a fear of public speaking. I joined Speech and Debate; I worked really hard at it and over time, I ended up being a Varsity Speech and Debate captain in highschool. Originally, I was intent on doing pre-law, but I knew I wanted to do something that combined my love of public speaking, writing papers, and math, and business was the best outlet. My major is business-administration with a concentration in finance, a minor in statistics. I was also in the Business Analytics Honors Program. 

Q: Tell me a little bit about your experience speaking at graduation for Poole College. 

A: This was a speech I got to deliver to such a broad group of people with different interests and backgrounds. I got to deliver my message of what I thought was important when going through life.

Q: You talked about your sister, whom you lost just before you came, that was very touching. I’m sure she’s a big inspiration to you. 

A: She really is. Because her loss was fairly recent, my sophomore year of college, I had the mindset of “There is no way this will ever be okay”. I’m able to reflect on how poor my mindset was then. Being able to deliver that message helped me accept that even though she’s gone, she’ll never really be gone in my heart. 

Q: What were some of your favorite parts of your journey through Poole College? 

A: I got to work with Tedd Szeto after I got accepted to Poole Council. I always thought Student Council was cool and I liked that I could do it specifically for business. I got to help out with it during Covid years, which was great.

#NCStatePoole #NCState23 #PooleStudentSpotlight ❤️
Congratulations @lindsay.wrege for making @trianglebusinessjournal’s 40 Under 40 list! 🎉🐺🐾☕️

Wrege a #PoolePack alumni and the co-founder of 321 Coffee - a local coffee shop and roaster who employs individuals with special needs. 💙

For 23 years, TBJ has recognized 40 of the Triangle’s best and brightest business and community leaders - all under the age of 40! 👏👏👏

#PoolePack #PooleAlumniSpotlight @ncstatealumni @ncstate
Did you know we have a '30 Years of Poole' Digital Magazine? 🎉🐺🐾📕 

Join us as we reflect on the last 30 years of the Poole College of Management and what the future will bring in the college's newest strategic framework. 💡

Check out the celebratory issue here. ➡️ 

#Poole30 #PoolePack #NCStatePoole
That “I just graduated” feeling 🎓🥰🎉💐

📍Reynolds Coliseum @ncstate 🐺🐾 #NCState23 #PoolePack 

📸: @theamyguo
What a lovely day. 🎓🎉🎈🐺🐾

Congrats #PoolePack class of 2023! 🤘

#PoolePack #NCState23 @ncstate
That moment when Cody Ellison’s seeing-eye dog Nate received his very own masters degree hood. 🥹🥰♥️🎓🐾 

Congratulations Cody for MASTERing the @ncstatemac program! 🎉🎈

Read Cody’s story and why he decided to join the MAC program here. ➡️ 

#NCState23 #ncstatemac #PoolePack
Thought and Did 🎓♥️🐺🐾🎉

Congrats to the graduating members of @akpsi_ncsu! 👏👏👏 

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No 🎓tion needed. ❤️🐺🐾🎉 #NCState23 #PoolePack #HowlBack @ncstate @ncstatealumni
We are excited to announce Archana Jayasekar as the student commencement speaker for the spring 2023 Poole College Commencement Ceremony. 🎓🐺🐾🎉❤️

Jayasekar will be graduating with a bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in statistics. She is also a member of the Business Analytics Honors Program. 👏

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Happy LDOC #PoolePack 🐺🐾🌤
Who ♥️s Tayah as much as we do? 🐺🐾🥰

BIG congratulations to Tayah Butler, assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion at Poole College, for receiving the 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award from NC State University! 🎉🏆🐺🐾👏

We are so proud of you Tayah and are so thankful to have you at Poole College! ♥️

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Career Signing Day Spring 2023 - Carnival edition 🎡🎟🎠🍭🌭🍦🐺🐾

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