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Wellness Week

Poole Wellness Week

During Poole Wellness Week and beyond, we encourage our #PoolePack community to prioritize self-care and wellness. Join events on March 28-30, including Therapy Dogs event, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, a Meet and Greet with new full-time counselor Brittany Yetter, and Get Movin' with free pizza and games.

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Explore Degree and Non-Degree Programs

Through our active integration of research, innovation and education, the Poole College of Management drives excellence – in our classrooms and in business and industry. Our emphasis on experiential learning, corporate partnerships, international and honors programs, and research opportunities are designed to enable you to make an immediate impact in the working world.

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Let’s recap @ncstate Day of Giving so far! 🎉🐺🐾♥️ We have raised more than 1 MILLION dollars and we still have 6 hours to go!! 💰 #GivingPack #PoolePack
Rise and shine, #PoolePack 🌤️ It's NC State Day of Giving! 🐺🐾🎁

Join us at our in-person student events: 
▪️Day of Giving Kickoff Event | PCJ from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 🎉 (Photo booth, Popcorn 🍿)
▪️Poole Senior Pizza Party | PCJ from 3-4 p.m. 🍕 (Senior Cords $20.23) 

Follow along throughout the day on IG Stories to get involved in social media challenges. 📲

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There are 3️⃣ days until @ncstate Day of Giving — but some of the fun has already started! 🎉🐺🐾

See how your social media posts could help Poole get ahead before the big day even arrives. #GivingPack 

Check out our challenges. ⬇️
ONE WEEK AWAY! 🎉🐺🐾🎈 03.22.23 

PCJ Commons in Nelson Hall will be transformed into a celebration #GivingPack party next Wednesday! See you there, #PoolePack! 👏🎁

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Want to learn more about the @ncstatemba program? 🐺🐾

Check out our IG Story to hear from Michael Dixon, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, for #NCStateMBA. 🎉

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Interested in joining one of our amazing #PoolePack student leadership organizations? 🎉🐺🐾 


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🚨Some Poole leadership organizations are still accepting applications for Fall 2023 — information on deadlines listed in link above. 👌

Shoutout to our amazing @poole_studentambassadors for helping make our Poole Preview event this weekend a success! 🐺🐾🎉🤘 

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Meet Lilly Roth, a #PoolePack senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. 🐺🐾🎉

Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Vikas Anand, recently interviewed Lilly. Check out their Q&A below. ⬇️

Q: Tell us a little bit more about yourself and why you chose NC State?

A: I’m from Raleigh, NC and I’ve grown up a State fan! My mom went to NC State and she was a Poole graduate too! I just kind of knew that NC State was always in my heart and that I wanted to stay around here and continue on my family tradition of coming here because how can you beat NC State?

Q: How did you choose to come to Poole College?

A: When applying to colleges, I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do. I knew there was an option for an exploratory studies program but in my mind, I was focused on either engineering or business. Then my mom said, “apply for both and put whichever one first that you think you’ll do the best at.” Eventually, I picked business because I was really interested in it and thought that I definitely could go somewhere with it. I haven’t had any second thoughts after picking business.

Q: So when you look back at your years at Poole, how would you describe your experience overall?

A: It’s been great! It’s been just the right amount of challenging to keep me learning and on my toes. I’ve really liked it. One of my favorite classes that I’ve taken here–which some people might think I’m crazy for–was MIE 305, Business Law with John Kuzenski. I think he’s a great professor and he does a great job teaching that class! It’s very difficult, but as long as you study and really learn the material instead of just memorizing it, it’s pretty great. 

Q: So tell us a little bit about your future plans. You’re graduating soon so what do you plan to do afterwards?

A: After graduation I am planning to move to Tampa, Florida and will be working as a Corporate Analyst at JP Morgan. 👏

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Happy Friday #PoolePack 🌼🐺🐾

03.22.23 🗓️🎁🎉🎈🐺🐾

Join us and @ncstate on March 22 as we raise money to support Poole College. 🎉 Funds raised on Day of Giving (DoG) will impact the future of Poole College and our extraordinary #PoolePack community! 

We will also have a lot of fun events and social media challenges going on that day so STAY TUNED for more info on how to get involved. 🎈 *Your involvement in these challenges will help Poole WIN MORE MONEY! 💰👏

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LOOK AT THIS 👀📖🐺🐾 We printed our Fall 2022 Digital Magazine and it’s PERFECT! 🎉😍

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Happy Wellness Day #PoolePack 🐺🐾🧠🫶
Page Ballenger is a recent graduate of the Master of Management, Marketing Analytics (MMA) program. Our Associate Dean of Academic Programs Dr. Vikas Anand, sat down with Page to discuss his background, time at NC State, and future plans. 🐺🐾⬇️

Q: What was your undergraduate background?

A: I graduated with an Architectural Interior Design degree from UNCG. I pursued that thinking I would work for a Commercial Interiors firm, but when I was in school, I learned about the trade show exhibit design industry. I had an internship in Boston, and I also worked in Durham for seven years as a designer. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your job –

A: At my old job, one of my business partners got a new job at ViiV Healthcare, a partnership between GSK and Pfizer. I reached out over LinkedIn and asked about the job for the Multi-Channel Marketing Analytical Optimization Management role. I joined ViiV Healthcare on November 1st. 

Q: How do you think your background in marketing analytics helps you moving forward?

A:  I will be working with other people on the digital accelerator team to build new dashboards for brands to report on an omnichannel marketing approach. There are ongoing efforts internally in the business to understand how each touchpoint for a marketing message influences other marketing efforts. Just to be able to understand that approach in a comprehensive way, new reporting, predictive analytics tools, and visibility is important to the brand. 

Q: When you look back, what is your favorite part of the program? 

A: There's so many different things. I would say, having curated content where a course is made to build or complement a prior course has been the most exciting thing for me. It’s great to have benefitted from having that guide to connect all the dots together.

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