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Undergraduate Career Outcomes

An undergraduate degree from Poole College prepares students for real-world business — and rewarding careers at top companies.

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Ready to Think and Do

At NC State, we pair thought and action, insights and application. And that’s central to everything we do at the Poole College of Management. Our undergraduate programs are focused on outcomes: where students want to go, what they can do with what they learn and how they can tackle the current and future challenges of real-world companies.

Our curriculum goes beyond theory, emphasizing analytical skills, practical work and practicum projects, and real-world experience through co-ops, internships and face-to-face engagement with employers. Our strong ties with industry — and a strong alumni network — ensure that students enter the world of business long before they graduate.

$65,00 Median Starting Salary

reported by 2023 graduates, with 37% receiving a signing bonus

#9 for Business Analytics

among all U.S. public universities

74% of Students Complete an Internship or Co-op

Placement at Graduation

Have accepted position that will begin after graduation55%
Will continue working in job held prior to graduation9%
Have started or will be starting own business2%
Will be working as an intern3%
Currently seeking employment14%
Have not begun to seek employment, will begin within the year1%
Going to graduate or professional school within the year11%
Going to graduate or professional school and working2%
Taking additional undergraduate coursework1%
Military service1%
Don’t know yet or other2%

Top Companies for Graduates

First Citizens Bank
Cisco Systems
Ernst & Young
Fidelity Investments
Wells Fargo
Red Hat
Prometheus Group
All data captured at the end of the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters as part of the semi-annual Future Plans Survey (FPS); the response rate was 41.5%.

Undergraduate Career Services

A dedicated, comprehensive Career Center underpins everything we do to ready students for life after college. Our targeted services and step-by-step support ensure that undergraduates become competitive job candidates — and are connected to companies seeking tomorrow’s talent.

A Poole College undergraduate student smiles during an interview.

High-Impact Education

Poole College undergraduates enjoy all the benefits of attending NC State: a comprehensive STEM university known for its commitment to high-impact educational practices and hands-on learning.

Through work experience, study abroad, undergraduate research, top-ranked entrepreneurship programming and a wealth of extracurricular opportunities, we produce rounded, curious, adaptable graduates. And they go on to have the careers they want, not just take the jobs that are available.

Undergraduate Programs

With majors in three areas — plus concentrations, minors and dual-degree options — we offer a range of options for students to focus their studies and prepare for life after college.

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
    • Concentrations include: Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • Economics

The content within Poole classrooms has real-world applications.

Ryan Dexheimer Madigan ’24

Business Administration (Finance)

Career Signature Events

All year long, Poole College hosts recruiting and engagement events, including career weeks and career fairs, etiquette dinners, mixers with top companies and more.

Two women inspect the name tags on a welcome desk at a Poole College careers event.