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Strategic Framework: Poole 2030

The framework for Poole College strategically aligns with the goals of the university listed in the "Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary" strategic plan.


The Poole College of Management develops innovative leaders, creates world-class research and engages with our community to make our world a better place to live and work.


The Poole College of Management will be the preeminent Think and Do business school, recognized for its teaching, research and service.

We Value

  • Excellence in all that we do
  • The success of our students and alumni
  • The impact of our research and scholarship
  • A culture that champions diversity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing
  • Ethical awareness, decisions and behaviors
  • Innovative approaches to problem-solving
  • Positive contributions to our society and the world


Goal 1: Empower students for a lifetime of success and impact.
Goal 2: Ensure preeminence in research, scholarship, innovation and collaboration.

In addition to focusing on our primary goals, it is important that our tactics also impact our differentiating goals.

Differentiating Goals for Poole College

Goal 3: Expand and advance our engagement with and service to North Carolina and beyond, defining the standard for a 21st-century land-grant university.
Goal 4: Champion a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing in all we do.
Goal 5: Improve university effectiveness through transformative technologies, cutting-edge processes and actionable data.
Goal 6: Lead in developing innovative partnerships, entrepreneurial thinking and applied problem-solving.
Goal 7: Elevate the national and global reputation and visibility of NC State.

Goal 1: Empower students for a lifetime of success and impact.

Theme 1 – Expand high-impact experiences for all of our students.

Students who participate in high-impact experiences (practicums, project-based courses, engaging extra-curricular clubs, research projects, study abroad, etc.) are more career-ready and see better job market outcomes. To prepare our students to reach their full potential, we must create the opportunity for all of our students to gain these experiences during their time in Poole.

College-Level Tactics
  • Develop and expand high-impact experience opportunities for our students
  • Identify resources to support the delivery of high-impact experiences
  • Create a vehicle that showcases our high-impact experiences to future students, alumni and stakeholders
  • Empower students with the skills and tools to reflect and communicate their high-impact experiences
  • Track student progress to gauge the effectiveness of particular high-impact experiences
  • Evaluate Career Services in the college to provide the best outcomes for our students
  • Create collaborative opportunities for our students to engage with students from other colleges at NC State

Theme 2 – Strengthen our resource base by expanding our educational offerings.

To provide the highest quality educational experience, we must make investments across the college. Our current funding model provides only part of the funds needed to make these investments. Therefore, we must continue to develop resource-generating offerings that leverage the expertise of our college, serve new markets and contribute to the college resource base.

College-Level Tactics
  • Expand premium graduate programs while continuing to adapt existing programs to meet changing market needs and ensure that all programs are fiscally sustainable
  • Expand offerings of lifelong learning programs to degree and non-degree seeking students
  • Create a collegewide corporate relations strategy
  • Build an infrastructure to support impactful alumni engagement

Theme 3 – Expand our educational impact to reflect the diversity of the state.

As part of a land-grant public university, we must serve all of the population of our state.

College-Level Tactics
  • Recruit a student body that reflects the diversity of our state
  • Ensure that our curriculum provides the necessary components for our students to thrive in an increasingly diverse business world
  • Use professional development opportunities to help our faculty and staff succeed
  • Build a faculty and staff that reflects the diversity of our students

Goal 2: Ensure preeminence in research, scholarship, innovation and collaboration.

Theme 1 – As a business school at a leading Carnegie Research-1 University, we will create and share impactful new research.

The creation of impactful research that informs academia, business and policymakers is a primary function of a premier business school.

College-Level Tactics
  • Evaluate and revise the college promotion policies to emphasize the impact of research as well as the traditional quality measures
  • Expand the number of tenure-track faculty engaging in high-impact research by hiring additional tenure-track faculty
  • Build a culture and infrastructure that promotes and supports research excellence

Theme 2 – Use our expertise and thought leadership to create a positive societal impact.

We must translate and communicate our research and expertise into actionable insights that can be implemented to positively impact society.

College-Level Tactics
  • Establish a framework for identifying the societal impact of our college’s activities
  • Implement methods for supporting and rewarding thought leadership impact

Annual Reports

Our annual reports showcase the college’s accomplishments in student success, faculty and scholarship, engagement with industry and academia, organizational excellence and local and global partnerships. The previous Strategic Framework: Advancing to 2025 guided the college from 2017 until 2022.