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Bright minds at the Poole College of Management bring purposeful, leading-edge, results-driven research to the global marketplace.

Innovation and Impact

Poole College faculty undertake purposeful research that generates new knowledge and drives economic development across North Carolina and the nation.

For us, “Think and Do” means the pursuit of both innovation and impact. We team with our colleagues across NC State’s campus — and with companies, organizations and universities around the world — to conduct research that optimizes practice and maximizes productivity, turning bright ideas into working solutions for real-world industry.

Poole Thought Leadership

Explore our thought leadership hub with actionable insights stemming from research and teaching at the Poole College of Management.

Ideas board

Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty are thought leaders and field-tested experts with enduring ties to the world of business. They establish initiatives that support research, the development of new curricula, and outreach and engagement activities. They contribute to the body of management knowledge through journal articles, conference presentations, books and other recent publications. And they pursue innovative research that matters to real-world industry.

Poole College faculty and staff have typically held leadership roles in business and industry, and they stay in touch with current issues through ongoing consulting and other professional activities. Their strong understanding of the intersection between the theoretical and the practical informs their research — and ensures they remain focused on real business challenges.

Meet our New Faculty

Each year, we welcome new faculty members who are thought leaders and experts with ties to the world of business. 

Poole New Faculty