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Poole Student Speaker

Presenting the student commencement address is a great honor and an opportunity to inspire, engage with, and share common experiences with your peers. We invite you to apply to be the Poole College Commencement Speaker for the college’s commencement ceremony.

Poole, Commencement
Hannah Elizabeth Semke addressing the class of 2019.

Apply to Become a Student Speaker

To apply, email a 5-7 minute video to by noon on Wednesday, Nov. 17 (deadline extended). The application is open to all Poole 2020 and 2021 graduates. 

Below are some questions to cover during your speech:

  • What brought you and your classmates to this point?  
  • What have you learned along the way? 
  • How has your class embraced the Think and Do motto?  
  • How have you grown? 
  • And, most important, what’s next?  
  • What should you and your fellow graduates be considering to stay entrepreneurial in your mindset and inclusive in your attitude, as you “commence” – move on to a new beginning?  

The committee will review the video submissions and a selected student will be notified on Friday, Nov. 19. A selected student will receive professional public speaking training before delivering the speech at PNC Arena.

Best wishes to you as you work to wrap up this final semester at NC State.

If you have any questions, email us at