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Faculty and Scholarship

Poole’s Newest Faculty

The Poole College of Management welcomes Vivek Ajmani, Jim Scalise and Basiru Usman for the 2020-21 academic year. Collectively, they bring vast amounts of industry and global experiences to the classroom and their respective departments.

three new faculty

Meet the Newest Faculty Members

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Vivek Ajmani, Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management  (Business Analytics)

Vivek Ajmani is an assistant teaching professor for the department of business management with more than 20 years of industry experience in business analytics. Ajmani worked for the likes of 3M, Intel Corp., United Health and General Mills while honing in his teaching skills through employee training and management at the C-suite level. He has a hands-on teaching approach aimed at developing a real-world, problem-solving mindset which is what brought him to NC State as he believes the university teaches its students to hit the ground running. In his first semester at Poole College, Ajmani taught three sections of BUS 351: Predictive Analytics for Business. Ajmani received his master’s degree and doctorate degree in statistics from the University of Florida.

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Jim Scalise, Professor of Practice, Department of Accounting

Jim Scalise will be transitioning to full-time as a professor of practice in the accounting departments after previously teaching part-time for three semesters. Scalise brings over 35 years of industry and consulting experience to Poole College with the majority of his time spent as a management consultant for KPMG. In addition, Scalise and his wife co-own and operate Ivy Cottage, a successful home fashions retail business in Morrisville, North Carolina, since 1995. During his time at Poole College, Scalise created the accounting analytics course that is based on the practical application of analytics for today’s enterprises. He also teaches ACC 495 and IT 540 for the Jenkins Master of Accounting Program. Scalise received his Master of Business Administration from Saint Bonaventure University. 

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Basiru Usman, Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management (Business Analytics)

Basiru Usman joins Poole College from Auburn University as a teaching assistant professor in the business management department. Usman is currently working towards his doctorate degree, focusing his research on the neural network and the mathematics behind consumer decision making. He will be teaching predictive analytics for business this coming fall semester and is looking forward to implementing real-world application in the classroom. Usman received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics in 2012 and his Master of Science in applied mathematics in 2014 back home in Nigeria before coming to the United States.