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Organizational Excellence

A Strategy for Success: Poole 2030

Poole 2030 Strategy Photo

The Poole College of Management enters its fourth decade as a vibrant community of over 4,400 students, more than 35,000 alumni and nearly 200 full-time faculty and staff — strategically positioned to grow in ways that fulfill our mission to generate new ideas and develop innovative leaders to positively impact our world.

To guide our future, our faculty, staff and advisory board members overwhelmingly approved the Poole College of Management Strategic Framework: Poole 2030.

Aligned with the university’s strategic plan Wolfpack 2030: Empowering the Extraordinary, the Poole College of Management’s strategy focuses on

Two primary goals:

  1. Empower students for a lifetime of success and impact, and 
  2. Ensure preeminence in research, scholarship, innovation and collaboration

Five additional differentiating goals will help us build upon past successes and address areas of needed growth in order to more effectively fulfill our important mission.

What will this look like for you and the college?

We will expand high-impact experiences for all our students.

Research has shown that participation in these experiences – whether practicums, research projects, study abroad opportunities or others – ensure students are more career-ready and experience better job market outcomes. 

We will strengthen the educational opportunities we provide.

We will leverage our strengths as a STEM institution to set ourselves apart – creating unique business programs with the expertise that only NC State can offer. A great example of this is the new sustainability certificate program we are developing in partnership with our colleagues in the College of Natural Resources. 

We are committed to reflecting the diversity of the world around us.

This means recruiting students, faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of North Carolina, providing professional development opportunities to help our faculty and staff thrive, and committing a future-focused curriculum.

We will continue to generate and share practical, impactful, actionable research.

As a business school at a leading Carnegie Research-1 University, we will support our research faculty in a variety of ways internally, as well as externally, to enable the production and distribution of timely, actionable research that businesses and organizations can use to better society.

And in all things, collaboration is in our DNA: with our colleagues across the university, in partnerships with businesses, government and academia across North Carolina and beyond. 

The Poole College of Management’s brightest days are ahead.