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Alumni Association Honors Jon Rufty, Raleigh Homebuilder, Poole College Board Member

North Carolina State Alumni Association honored John Rufty at the seventh annual Evening of Stars celebration held Friday, January 28, 2011.

Rufty (1977, B.S., business management) received the Poole College of Management’s Alumni Award for his work with the homeowners in the Triangle area and his involvement with NC State.

The award was presented by Lynda Loveland, the co-host of “Lynda and Bill in the Morning” on MIX 101.5 FM, who highlighted his “commitment to excellence” and involvement with many community organizations.

In accepting the award, Rufty said, “This award is a great honor. There are so many deserving individuals; and I am truly humbled to be here among so many accomplished people.”

He acknowledged his wife and children for their support in his business and his “involvement in ongoing worthwhile causes,” as well as his parents and older brother, who challenged him “to look at all sides of a problem.”

Rufty also acknowledged Ira Weiss, dean of the Poole College, and the staff.

“They are terrific,” he said. “Being involved at Poole College of Management for me has been fun and rewarding – it is about the students. Through my interactions with them, you immediately see their interest to learn, and their commitment. Inside and outside the classroom, they are focused on very relevant, practical business discussions.”
Following is a summary of his additional remarks on accepting the award.

H3. Time to Gain Competitive Advantage, Find Practical Solutions

For the big picture, I know universities, like private industry, are and will continue to face many difficult challenges in the coming years. When you consider the issues that are affecting us locally, within the State of North Carolina, nationally and globally, it is truly a time of uncertainty for everyone.

The part of this business cycle that excites me is the extent of challenges and more importantly opportunities that come with change. Now is the time for NC State and the companies we are aligned with to gain a competitive advantage.

NC State has the leadership within our trustees, Chancellor Woodson, our deans and faculty – and I know the Poole College of Management – to think outside our normal constraints that has defined both higher education and business for the last 30 years. We need practical solutions. I know NC State can help develop and influence new business practices and initiatives that will deliver in impressive results in the years to come.

This truly is an exciting time to be associated with NC State, and I look forward to being involved in any capacity where I can provide assistance or contribute to the discussion.

Thank you again Dean Weiss for this honor.

H3. Rufty Recognized for Quality in the Home Building Industry, Service to NC State

Following is a summary of Loveland’s introductory remarks regarding Rufty.

He doesn’t build houses; he builds homes. With 22 years of experience in residential construction, Rufty has been offering Triangle homeowners quality in design, interior and exterior detailing, energy efficiency, green building, sustainability and reduced maintenance. His commitment to excellence has been recognized numerous times by being named the Home Builder of the Year by the Home Builders Associations of Wake, Durham, Chatham and Orange counties and The Triangle Business Journal. In addition, Rufty has garnered multiple gold awards during the Parade of Homes, including perfect scores in design and construction.

In 1994, he built the nationally recognized Healthy House in conjunction with the American Lung Association and the National Association of Homebuilders. This house became North Carolina’s first Energy Star home and the construction concepts and technologies are still utilized today.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Rufty is recognized for his involvement with many community organizations, including the Home Builders Association of Wake County and a past member of the board of the National Association of Homebuilders. He has served on the boards of the Blue Sky Foundation, Cary Chamber of Commerce, Cary CrimeStoppers, Crescent State Bank and Storage Revolutions

Rufty has been working in residential construction since graduating from NC State’s College of Management. He was named Home Builder of the Year numerous times by the Triangle Business Journal and the Home Builders Associations of Wake, Durham, Chatham and Orange counties.

In 1994, Rufty built the “HealthyHouse” with the American Lung Association and the National Association of Homebuilders. Since then, the house has been nationally recognized and its concepts and technologies are still used today.

Rufty is a member of Poole College of Management of Advisers and the W.C. Riddick Lifetime Giving Society. For the past two years, he has supported Poole College’s team in the annual NCSU Habitat for Humanity Shack-a-Thon. He also serves as judge for undergraduate and graduate case competitions in the college.