Feb 20, 2020  |  Poole in the News

Forbes Features Joseph Brazel’s Research on Likelihood of CFOs Reporting Fraud

Joseph Brazel, professor of accounting, explains why CFOs are less likely to report fraud as they are pressured to meet financial targets.

Feb 13, 2020  |  Poole in the News

Jessica Thomas Explains Her Journey From Toy Designer to Business Sustainability Collaborative Director

Jessica Thomas was recently featured on WUNC detailing her personal life, career and passion for B Corporations.

Feb 13, 2020  |  Poole in the News

Rob Handfield Explains Coronavirus Disruptions to Supply Chains in Forbes

Rob Handfield discusses the negative effects the coronavirus is causing global supply chains.

Feb 10, 2020  |  Research

Fall 2019 Poole College Research Leads Understanding of Vital Business Issues 

From understanding how to best engage loyalty members through social media to determining the impacts of cybersecurity breaches, Poole College of Management faculty members provided valuable research on the day’s most significant business topics.

Feb 10, 2020  |  Faculty and Staff

Financial Pressure Makes CFOs Less Likely to Report Potential Fraud

A study finds that CFOs are less likely to voice fraud concerns when their companies are under pressure.

Feb 7, 2020  |  Poole in the News

Poole College Report Shows CFOs See Increase in Risk Complexity

The AICPA and Poole College of Management 2019 State of Risk Oversight report sees an increase in risk complexity.

Feb 3, 2020  |  Research

Poole College Research Takes Aim at Unlocking Mystery to Better Brand Secrets 

“We find that brand secrets can add nuance to the consumer-brand relationship and have many positive effects for the company,” Heather Dretsch, assistant professor of marketing, wrote. 

Jan 31, 2020  |  Research

Research Impact: Rishika Rishika

Rishika Rishika, assistant professor of marketing at NC State University Poole College of Management, researches: “the returns on investments that firms make in social media, digital media and mobile media marketing.”

Jan 30, 2020  |  Supply Chain

Rob Handfield Provides Expertise on Successful Supply Chain Relationships

Rob Handfield, executive director of Supply Chain Resource Cooperative and Bank of America University distinguished professor of operations and supply chain management, provides expert knowledge on why developing key relationships is crucial to supply chains.

Jan 27, 2020  |  Research

Companies’ Worries About Aging Workforce Don’t Accord With Level of Response

Professors Ritter and Clark examined the responses of 143 human resource managers at companies of diverse sizes and industries to a series of surveys and activities that measured the levels of concern they have and the types of actions companies are taking.