Dec 13, 2018  |  Research

Study Highlights Challenges Facing Black Computing Faculty

A recent study used text-mining analysis to highlight the impact microaggressions have on black faculty in computing disciplines.

Dec 5, 2018  |  Research

Digital Readiness Dominates Top Risk Concerns for Business in 2019, Protiviti-NC State Survey Finds

Looking to the year ahead, executives across the globe are concerned about their company's ability to compete with organizations that are "born digital," according to results from the 2019 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks survey conducted by NC State's Enterprise Risk Initiative and global consulting firm Protiviti.

Nov 12, 2018  |  Research

Measuring the Role of Social Networks in Entrepreneurship

NC State Poole College of Management professors aim to measure how social networks influence innovation and entrepreneurship.

Oct 8, 2018  |  Research

For Wineries, Competition Boosts Profits From Sustainability

Professor Beverly Tyler participates in an international study that finds that the more sustainability practices a winery has in place, the better its financial performance – and the effect is enhanced when a winery perceives significant pressure from competitors.

Oct 1, 2018  |  Industry

CIMS-led Project Builds on IBM Watson Technology to Advance Sustainability in Coatings Industry

CIMS team is applying NC State’s data science expertise to help American Coatings Association achieve sustainability goals

Sep 28, 2018  |  Industry

Finding a Better Path to a Diverse Workplace

While more organizations recognize the value of corporate diversity, including on the bottom line, challenges remain

Sep 25, 2018  |  Industry

‘Rounding Up’ Beats Traditional Fundraising Requests

What's the best way to solicit donations for charity? Ask them to round up to the next dollar at the checkout counter.

Sep 21, 2018  |  Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS)

Rakesh Ravi joins CIMS as Data Scientist

Rakesh Ravi applies his love of connecting things to new role as data scientist with Poole College’s Center for Innovation Management Studies

Sep 6, 2018

Poole Professor Joseph Brazel is among the 10 Forensic Accounting Professionals to Know

Prof. Joseph Brazel named a top 10 forensic accounting professional, citing his professional skepticism, red flags research

Sep 5, 2018  |  Research

Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts Can Backfire For New Brands

Consumers want to know a new brand’s priority is on the effectiveness of its products.