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Dr. Jonathan Bohlmann awarded Zelnak Management of Innovation Research Award

Dr. Jonathan Bohlmann, associate professor of marketing in the North Carolina State University Poole College of Management, received the college’s Zelnak Management of Innovation Research Award. The recognition was announced by Dr. Steve Allen, associate dean for research and graduate programs at the college.

Bohlmann was recognized for his research excellence in the area of innovation management, including new product strategies, development, and group decision-making processes.

His research focuses on two themes. In the area of innovation and new product strategies, Bohlman examines strategic questions behind successful innovation and new product development. This work relates to his second theme, which studies group decision-making processes prevalent in how firms develop new products and make strategic decisions, and how customer groups make new product purchase decisions.

“My research streams are designed to improve strategic decision making by firms for new product innovation,” Bohlmann said. “ From the firm’s perspective the research studies how development teams can make better innovation decisions, and how companies can strategically take advantage of their position as a first-mover or experienced incumbent. From the customer’s perspective it’s important to understand the group-based nature of many innovation adoption decisions, particularly in a business-to-business setting.”

Bohlmann’s research has been published in leading journals, including the Journal of Product Innovation Management. He has presented his research at four conferences in the past two years, and has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions over the past five years. In particular, he has received several grants for his innovation research, and won a Best Paper award at the 2008 Product Development and Management Association research conference.

“Dr. Bohlmann’s projects for the upcoming year will expand this work in new and exciting directions,” Allen said.

The Zelnak Award in the Poole College of Management is supported with a gift from Steve Zelnak, former chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Martin Marietta Materials. He now serves as non-executive chairman of the board.