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Poole Student Philanthropy Council raising awareness about ‘giving back’ to the college

“Will you give back to NC State’s business school as an alum?”

That’s a question that Trevor Warren asked fellow student Casey Butler earlier this year. Both are among the seven members of the inaugural Poole Student Philanthropy Council that has organized this year’s Student Philanthropy Week activities for Poole College.

The council members will be talking with Poole students at a table in the Nelson Commons over the course of NC State’s Student Philanthropy Week (SPW), March 14-17. They will be talking about the many ways that philanthropy has an impact on Poole College students’ collegiate experience and encouraging students to consider giving back. They will also be encouraging students to participate in campus wide SPW activities at Talley Student Center.

The council members created this video to share their perspective on students giving back.

They also provided the following responses to Poole College communications questions about their involvement in this initiative.

Business Administration, concentration in finance; minor in accounting

“This was the first time anyone had asked me if I would donate, and I had never really given it any thought,” Butler said. “I realized that most students don’t give back to the school because no one has ever asked them to. So I decided to get involved because I hope to improve the business school rankings to give our degrees more value in the long run.” The level of alumni donor support is one of the criteria used in ranking business schools.

Butler, Warren and five other students on the new Poole Student Philanthropy Council will be bringing their message about philanthropy to fellow students through daily SPW activities in the Nelson Hall Commons. The council’s goal is to increase awareness of how philanthropy supports Poole College and NC State as a whole. It’s members will also be encouraging Poole students to attend campus-wide SPW events being held at Talley Student Center this week – including one event that offers a meal

Butler, who had not been involved with philanthropy in the past, said that over the past few months, while preparing for SPW, “I have realized the importance of it and I hope to educate other students about it.”

SAMUEL SHAIN, freshman
Business Administration & International Studies: Entrepreneurship & Global Sustainability
Park Scholar, Class of 2019

A meeting with Trevor Warren and Davis Dale, another Poole SPC member, at a philanthropy event got Samuel Shain interested in joining the council. For Shain, the SPW follows philanthropic activities he was part of while in high school.

Speaking of Warren and Dale, he said, “Their passion for rallying other students and alumni to give back to the Poole College of Management was truly inspirational. I reached out to the council to see if they would let me join so I could get involved, as a freshman, in their philanthropic efforts, and they said yes,” he said.


About student philanthropy: “Any amount is a wonderful amount, as long as you commit to it and gradually increase the amount donated from that point on.”  – Samuel Shain


“I have always been committed to giving back to institutions, clubs, groups, etc., that I feel have served me positively in some way,” Shain said. “By being a part of the Poole Student Philanthropy Council, I receive the unique opportunity to encourage others to give back not only their time and efforts, but a bit of monetary support as well. Any amount is a wonderful amount, as long as you commit to it and gradually increase the amount donated from that point on,” he said.

“Advocacy has always been a motivator of mine. Getting to speak up for philanthropy and giving back is an incredible privilege. I have been a firm believer in philanthropy, the notion of giving some of the resources you have acquired to someone with a greater need,” Shain said

“While in high school, I helped run a non-profit called Performers for Progress. We would put on a variety show each semester and donate all the proceeds to a different charity each time. Overall, we were able to raise over $25,000 for incredible organizations that accomplished impressive feats. This is why philanthropy speaks so much to me: It is the core essence of social consciousness and altruism. Philanthropic efforts impel others to be a better version of themselves and consider the needs of others concurrently.”

Accounting, concentration in financial analysis

Tyler Ligon said he joined the PSPC because he “wanted to make a difference in the Poole College of Management by helping to build the foundation of this new council and make it a successful organization that will make the college stronger by getting more students involved in giving back.

“My personal goal is to help my friends and peers understand the importance of donating money to the college and how Poole relies heavily on personal gifts to help fund our education and give us the opportunities we need to start our career,” Ligon said, adding, “I believe philanthropy is very important but is often overlooked.”

He doesn’t seem to be shy about promoting awareness. As a volunteer for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which raises funds for childhood cancer research, he has shaved his head to promote awareness.

Accounting, concentration in financial analysis

Trevor Warren said he decided to join the new council after being asked by undergraduate faculty members if he would lead it.

“After meeting with several faculty and alumni, I saw the opportunity for the college to grow in a way that will be beneficial to all current students and alumni. I am passionate about the Poole College of Management and I found this a way to give back to the university.”

He also is bringing prior philanthropic experiences with programs like St. Baldricks, Habitat for Humanity and others.

“After being a part of the Poole Student Philanthropy Council, I have found the importance of giving back and the impact it has on the school. I hope to use this organization to continually improve the business school and to add value to our degrees.

DAVIS DALE, senior
Business administration, finance concentration
Double minors: accounting and Chinese studies

Davis Dale said he also was asked to join by Warren, whom he had met on a summer internship.

“After thinking it over, I realized all the ways Poole College of Management has helped me achieve my career goals. I think people sometimes take for granted all the services the college provides for us. Whether it be helping students prepare resumes or giving us access to ePACK, both of these are crucial in obtaining jobs or internship. With that in mind, I knew I had to join and help spread the word on the importance of giving back to the college,” he said.

“Another bonus of giving is that it adds value to our degrees and can help our college rankings. I look forward to the day Poole passes our blue neighbors,” he said.

Dale has been involved in other philanthropic events throughout his college career, “but these usually involve giving my time. It will be a new and exciting challenge to spread the word on the importance of giving back monetarily.”

Business Administration, finance and supply chain concentrations

Kelley Hillsgrove joined the PSPC because she “wanted to donate more of my time to the college. As a Poole Peer Leader, she helps first-year Poole College students get acclimated to NC State and the college.

“Peer Leaders has made me very passionate about Poole College and I wanted to get involved even more. When Trevor asked me to join an organization whose goals were to inspire other students to give back to the college, I didn’t hesitate to join,” she said.

“I think all of us have big dreams for this organization and I think it will only continue to grow in the future, along with our overall participation rate of giving. I have been involved in many other philanthropic initiatives around campus and through my sorority but it is extremely rewarding to work towards something that will directly benefit all of us in the long run,” she said.

“Before joining the philanthropy council, I had never thought about giving back monetarily to Poole College but with the knowledge I have now, I don’t know why you wouldn’t!

SMIT SAVANI, sophomore
Business Administration, finance and data analytics concentrations

Smit Savani said he joined the council is because “the idea of giving back is near and dear to my heart.

“My grandfather taught me the importance of giving back and helping people in any way that I could, whether that be financially, physically or emotionally. When Trevor presented the opportunity for me to join the council, I knew that this council would be exactly what I was looking for, he said.

“This council has opened my eyes to so many more new things and added on to my knowledge of giving back. The organization has great potential to grow and impact many students’ lives. Teaching students and alumni the importance of giving back is very important because this not only makes the degrees from NC State stronger, but also makes the business school a lot better, he said.

“This is the second organization I am involved with through Poole and I enjoy every minute of it. The council has already given me many opportunities and I believe it is my responsibility to give the council all that I have. I have participated in St. Baldricks, Habitat for Humanity, donated to charities, and with the council’s help I believe this is just the beginning for me.”