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Poole Advisors Discuss Value of Visuals at NACADA Conference

Infographics, polls and other visuals: that’s the key to effective, efficient communications with students. And that was at the core of the message presented by two Poole College undergraduate advisors about their approach to student communications at the October 2016 National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) annual conference in Atlanta, Ga.

The advisors, Megan Van Hook and Melusian Wright, were selected to present the three-hour pre-conference session, drawing an audience that exceeded the 35-person capacity. NACADA is the international organization for academic advising.

In their interactive presentation, entitled “Here’s how you can use infographics to create impactful communication and support data decision making efforts,” Van Hook and Wright shared their approach to effective and efficient use of infographics for optimal communications. That includes using visuals such as polls, videos and graphics that they have used in communications with students at Poole College.

“We took a poll at the beginning of our session, to get an idea about who the attendees were, where they were from and what they wanted to get out of the presentation,” Van Hook said. “Most reported that they wanted to create more effective emails to students.”

Van Hook and Wright taught about the design and technical display of the infographic, accessibility for all users, branding and making text in emails more concise. They gave attendees time to create their own infographic, providing assistance as needed.

“The participants left the presentation with a tangible object, something that they could use. And presenting before the conference gave us the opportunity to network more during the conference, ” Wright said.

NC State is hosting schools from the NACADA Region 3 in April 2017. Poole College of Management academic advisor, Jennifer McLamb and Carrie McClean, Ph.D., assistant dean at NC State’s University College and director of advising, division of academic affairs.