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Poole College Professors Recognized for Research and Teaching

Photo of the Hillsborough Street entrance for the Poole College of Management
NC State Poole College of Management

The Poole College of Management announced the 2017 recipients of the college’s faculty teaching and research awards as well as university award recipients and nominees. Award recipients are noted by an asterisk (*).

College Awards | Nominees and Recipients

Teaching Excellence Award

  • Professor Don Pagach, Accounting
  • Professor Neal Parker, Business Management*
  • Professor Allison Lowe-Reed, Economics
  • Professor Jeff Pollack, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Research Leadership Award

  • Professor Joe Brazel, Accounting
  • Professor Jesse Ellis, Business Management
  • Professor Umut Dur, Economics
  • Professor Brad Kirkman, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship*

Research Growth and Innovation

  • Professor Scott Showalter, Accounting*
  • Professor Guiseppe Fiori, Economics
  • Professor Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya, Business Management

Poole College Gill Grant Recipients

  • Professor Jesse Ellis, Business Management
  • Professor Bill Rand, Business Management
  • Professor Stefanie Robinson, Business Management

University Awards | Nominees and Recipients

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Nominees

  • Professor Scott Showalter, Accounting
  • Professor Deborah Brown, MIE

Outstanding Teacher Award

  • Professor Brad Lindsey, Accounting
  • Professor Tom Byrnes, Business Management

Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching Nominee

  • Professor David Henard, Business Management

Outstanding Global Engagement Award Nominees

  • Professor Nora Traum, Economics
  • Professor Bev Tyler, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

University Faculty Scholars

  • Professor Fay Cobb Payton, Business Management*

Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award

Also now in the NC State Research Leadership Academy

  • Professor Rob Handfield, Business Management*