Poole College Summer Abroad in Argentina: Enriching Experience, Expanding Knowledge

Devon Collins and her fellow students on their excursion to Colonia in Uruguay.

Devon Collins and her fellow students on their excursion to Colonia in Uruguay.

NC State’s study abroad trips give students the opportunity to gain enriching experiences while expanding their knowledge of different geographies and cultures, said Devon Collins, an NC State undergraduate student majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in biological sciences, said her study abroad in Argentina this summer allowed her to expand her global knowledge. (She is in the photo above, in a gray jacket, to the left of the “I” in Colonia.)

Collins said she chose to participate in the International Marketing Argentina program because “it was made for marketing concentrations and allowed me to get ahead with my coursework.” Poole Global allows students to take up to nine credits during its summer study abroad programs – a great way to advance in your courses and lighten your course loads during the semester, she said.

“As a business major, it is especially important to expose yourself to international markets because of our globalizing economy,” Collins said, adding that there is no better way to take these courses than an in environment where you can observe the teachings applied. The summer program is especially fitting for those with rigorous schedules and many commitments throughout the school year, she said.

Devin Collins added horseback riding to her experiences during her Summer Abroad in Argentina
Devin Collins added horseback riding to her experiences during her Summer Abroad in Argentina

“Poole Global has done an excellent job with the ‘work/play ratio’ for these programs. You definitely will have work that you need to stay on top of, but there is also plenty of time to explore.” Through the Argentina program, Collins and her peers were able to learn the rich history of Buenos Aires, as well as to take a day trip to Uruguay and a weekend trip to mountains of Bariolche, in addition to other stops and visits.

“I really encourage future participants to go to these places and really learn about the history of where you are and how this country has gotten to where it is today. For example, our group went on tours of prominent places in the city, (took) tango lessons, and ate all of their native cuisines to try to experience as much of their culture as possible,” Collins said.

Experiencing a new and different culture is not only extremely beneficial for personal development, but also for developing your resume, she said. “Studying abroad can show future employers that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and thrive in new places,” she said.

NC State offers a number of study abroad programs, providing students from various majors and concentrations options for completing the academic credits they need. In addition to meeting course requirements, Poole Global offers seven summer study abroad options, on four different continents.

The Poole College of Management will be hosting a Summer 2018 Study Abroad Information Session, Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 4:30 p.m. at Nelson 4210. Students can use these classes to earn credit towards their Poole College major or minor.

Opportunities for the summer of 2018 include the United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, China, Italy, Germany and Australia. For more information check out go.ncsu.edu/pooleglobalsummer or contact Poole Global at poole_global@ncsu.edu. These programs are now accepting applications for 2018 summer sessions and will continue to do so on a rolling basis until the February 15 deadline.

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