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Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Rae

Kyle Rae: Master of Accounting ’11

Current Organization: Under Armour

Title: Manager, FP&A, e-commerce


Twitter: @Krae6624

Why did you choose the Poole College Master of Accounting program for your education?

The program was the right fit for what I was looking for and I really enjoyed my interaction with the staff and faculty.

How did your experience in the Jenkins MAC Program at NC State contribute to your professional achievements and successes?

Allowed me the opportunity to receive a fellowship which helped pay for my degree and get my career started.

What did you enjoy most about your time in the MAC program?

My fellow classmates and time spent working together

What do you miss most now that you have graduated?

Not seeing classmates as much now that we have all graduated and move all over the country

What are your lasting impressions of the MAC Program?

Great program to prepare you for your career path.

What advice would you give for prospective and current students who are interested in your industry/profession?

Meet with as many people as you can and learn how they created their path to get where they are today. Build those meaningful relationships to better understand what you may be interested in pursuing in your career path.

Could you give a brief explanation of your current line of work, and what has led you to it?

I currently work for the global headquarters of Under Armour in Baltimore, Maryland.  I work as a manager of FP&A for our e-commerce business, which is around a half a billion dollar business unit for which I am the ops controller.  I worked for a public accounting firm for two years after grad school and then made a career shift to work in college athletics administration at the College of William and Mary and then the University of Texas at Austin. I managed the budgets, travel logistics, contracts and financial operations for the teams and the department. I made the move to Baltimore to be with my fiance which led me to my current role at Under Armour.

What do you believe is your most interesting accomplishment since graduation?

Doing the play-by-play broadcast for the #1 nationally ranked University of Texas at Austin volleyball team. It was really cool to see a hobby come to full-circle fruition.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I would love to be an athletic director at a Division One athletic department at some point in my career.