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Alumni Spotlight: Nicolai Kuminoff, PhD

Nicolai Kuminoff, Ph.D.

Degrees earned: Ph.D., Economics ’06

Current Organization: Arizona State University

Title: Associate Professor

Why did you choose NC State Poole College of Management for your education?

The outstanding faculty in environmental economics and related fields.

How did your experience at NC State contribute to your professional achievements and successes?

It provided excellent training and helped me to engage with an international network of scholars working in environmental economics through my coursework, interactions with faculty, the Center for Environmental and Resource Economics Policy, the Triangle Resource and Environmental Economics seminar series, and presenting early drafts of my research papers at the annual Camp Resources conference on graduate student research.

Tell us about your current career.

I am an economics professor at Arizona State University. ¬†My research aims to improve our understanding of consumer preferences for non-market amenities such as air quality from consumer sorting behavior in related markets for private goods such as housing, labor, and health care. My experience as a graduate student at NC State helped convince me that the mix of research and teaching offered in academia would be my ideal career path.