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Alumni Spotlight: Seanna Asper

Seanna Asper, CPA

Degrees earned: B.S. Accounting ’12, Master of Accounting ’13

Current Organization: University of Alabama

Title: Ph.D. Student


How did your experience in your specific Poole Program at NC State contribute to your professional achievements and successes?

My time in the accounting program directly led to my career path of pursuing my Ph.D. I had amazing professors at NC State that encouraged me to entertain the idea of pursuing my Ph.D.

What did you enjoy most about your time in your Poole College of Management program?

I enjoyed my time working with faculty members. The individual attention given to students by faculty members in the Poole College was amazing. I could tell they truly cared about my success and they have greatly impacted my life.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I plan to complete my terminal degree in accounting and pursue a faculty position at a research institution.