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A Summer Abroad: Germany, Accounting and Finance

Last summer, the Poole College of Management sent 28 students to Reutlingen, Germany. From mountain hikes to corporate visits, from river cruises to guest lectures, this group experienced German culture firsthand and build a global awareness and understanding that will stay with them for years to come.

NC State professors taught accounting, finance, and Doing Business in Germany at ESB Business School. With the help of guest lecturers from ESB and by visiting several companies across the country, the Doing Business in Germany course allowed students to observe the differences in business customs between the Americans and the Germans.

Jack Navaroli and his classmates

This program included in-country excursions to Heidelburg, Aachen, Frankfurt, and Munich, but also left free weekends for the students to travel to destinations of their choice. For the majority of the six-week program, Reutlingen was “home” for these students, and they adapted to living as the Germans do. Jack Navaroli, a Poole Business Administration (Finance) student, recalled that he “was amazed by how organized and orderly Germany was,” especially regarding their transportation system, which was “almost always punctual and supremely efficient.” Jack also remembered that his reaction to their efficiency was that he “had to always be a few minutes early to the bus stop because the buses actually left at the stated time.”

Like Jack, every one of the 28 students on this program made small adjustments to their daily lives to be successful, and these adjustments helped develop countless marketable skills that the students will utilize in their careers. Among the most important skills are clear communication, appreciation of differences, awareness, and versatility. These members of the Pack Abroad have gained academic knowledge, life skills, and cultural understanding, and they are ready to take on their next adventures!