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Black History Month Reflections: Zeke Peay

Name: Zeke Peay

Degree: B.S., Business Management

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

“I chose Poole College of Management because I’ve always had a knack for business. I originally started in chemical engineering, but when I started taking business courses, I realized this is what I was actually good at.”

At Poole College, Zeke became a member of BMI – the Black Male Initiative. Through that organization, he met Tayah Butler, Poole College’s diversity and inclusion director. Once he saw what she was doing in the college, he said he “wanted to be a part of that.” Zeke now is an intern working with Tayah and others on the college’s diversity and inclusion team.

Zeke’s hope for Poole College, he said, is that “we continue to promote diversity in every thing we do.” And for black students in general, he said he hopes they can be comfortable being their authentic selves.