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Poole College, GLBT Center Host Inaugural Pride Homecoming Event

Diversity and Inclusion Director Tayah Butler (left) and Jonathan McCorey, director of the GLBT Center, at Pride Homecoming on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

By Rebecca Cross

Poole College of Management joined the NC State University GLBT Center to host the inaugural Poole Pride Homecoming, at the Aloft Hotel on Hillsborough Street, on Tuesday evening. The event gave current students and alumni a space to share their Pack pride at the only rainbow event during Red and White Week.

Tayah Butler, the Office of Undergraduate Program’s diversity and inclusion director, emphasized that college memories can be tied to identity.

“Some members of our community might not have been out yet, some might have come out while they were at [NC] State, some might have been out and their connection with the GLBT Center really defines them,” Butler said. “Why wouldn’t we honor, in a homecoming type of invitation, that aspect of their identity and that experience at [NC] State?”

Gift boxes for attendees

Thomas Prince (Business Administration ’21) said events such as Pride Homecoming assure minority students have a place at NC State.

“Beginning at orientation, it was very clear to me that there is a push for diversity and inclusion going on [at Poole College],” Prince said. “I felt very comfortable right off the bat, being out and authentic and being able to bring my full self to NC State.”

Those feelings of inclusion and authenticity have become essential features of homecoming week.

“We want to showcase the narrative of NC State and what it looks like for us to be a diverse school,” Jonathan McCorey, director of the GLBT Center, said. “NC State is very supportive of all people and diversity, not only in word but also in deed by supporting initiatives like this.”

Butler said she hopes that Pride Homecoming becomes a staple Poole College event during Red and White Week.