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Poole Alumna Sits Down with The New York Times to Shed Light on Racial Discrimination

NC State alumna, Tianna Spears, is speaking up and shedding light. 

During a recent interview with The New York Times, Spears joins voices with other former State Department employees in an effort to expose disparaging employment practices against women and people of color. 

Spears graduated from Poole College of Management in 2014 with a degree in business management, with a concentration in human resources and a minor in Spanish.

In the article, she details her brief experience working for the State Department and recalls several instances of discriminatory treatment while on the job. But according to Spears, her attempts to report bias were often not taken seriously, or dismissed altogether. Spears also recounted in her blog having negative experiences with U.S. border officials, and feeling ignored after sharing them with her supervisor. “The message was…focus on your job and be quiet”, said Spears.

In the wake of national conversations about racism in America, her story couldn’t come at a more relevant time. Poole College stands with Tianna, and all our current and former students, in solidarity of anti-racism work. Read more of Dean Buckless’ vision for an equitable and inclusive college in his message on Juneteenth.

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