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Poole College Advisory Board Spotlight: Judy Whiting

With more than 30 years with Bank of America under her belt and a new role with Truist Bank, Judy Whiting adds not only a wealth of financial experience to the Poole College of Management Advisory Board but an eagerness to serve North Carolina citizens as well.

Born and bred in North Carolina, Whiting completed a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Then, with years of exposure to NC State faculty and alumni – including her husband and two sons – she became a true NC State fan.

“What has impressed me most is how the university lives up to its ‘Think and Do’ motto. It develops leaders and delivers graduates with skills they can immediately apply,  whether as an employee or entrepreneur. It’s a true resource to the state of North Carolina,” she says. “And while the university is not boastful, it should be. The work of the university is important – not only for boosting our state’s economy but also for building strength in our communities.”

Seeing an opportunity to invigorate these efforts and invest in the state’s future, Whiting agreed to join the Poole College of Management Advisory Board.

I’m excited about the opportunity to help Poole find new and effective ways to provide value to the citizens of North Carolina.

“NC State has a strong history and an exciting future of communicating new knowledge – and this is a great service that Poole College can continue to offer. I’m excited about the opportunity to help Poole find new and effective ways to provide value to the citizens of North Carolina,” she says.

But for Whiting, being part of the board involves more than bringing her expertise to the table – it also involves gleaning from and collaborating with other industry leaders.

“I’m humbled by the vast experience of the faculty and my fellow board members. There is so much to learn,” she says. “Currently, I’m working with Dr. Richard Warr and some other board members on a Research Impact Task Force. We’re trying to understand how the college can provide information, ideas and insights to businesses in a way that is useful and impactful.”

This emphasis on serving the local industry, she explains, is what distinguishes Poole from other business schools.

“Poole doesn’t just focus on its students – it focuses on the community of employers. In the end, this sets students up for success, as it ensures they are well-prepared with the skills employers need for the future.”

With an eye toward solving real-world issues and meeting the industry’s future demands, Whiting notes that Poole was uniquely positioned to not only weather a global pandemic – but also serve others in it.

“The true value of Poole is its real-world focus for the future,” Whiting says. “The college has been nimble, shifting in necessary ways to manage this unprecedented time while also developing new ways to educate and research.”