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Winter Break Around the World

Our International Business Dual Degree students traveled abroad and around the U.S. during winter break. 

For many, winter break is the first chance students get to take time for themselves by traveling home and to new places while celebrating the holidays. For some of our International Business Dual Degree (IBDD) students, this is their first chance to explore the U.S. See how some of our national and international students spent their winter break.

The IBDD program incorporates two years at NC State, two years at an international partner institution, two internships and two degrees from two institutions in four years.

Student Stories

Jaurett and friends visiting Budapest

Jean-Baptiste Jaurett
Fourth Year, French Track

Over the break, Jean-Baptiste Jaurett went home to France to reconnect with family while getting the chance to visit Budapest. Jaurett was able to visit monuments such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Fisherman Bastion while also getting to see the views from the Danube river at night. 

Some of Jaurett’s favorite moments in Budapest include ice skating in front of the Budapest Castle, learning more about Hungarian history at the Terror Museum and seeing the breathtaking painted church interiors. He felt the holiday spirit throughout his visit, especially when visiting the Christmas markets and enjoying some traditional Hungarian dishes.

Jacobo Lombatti visiting New York City

Jacopo Lombatti
Third Year, Italian Track

Jacopo Lombatti spent his winter break being a tourist visiting Miami and New York City for the first time. Lombatti’s time in Miami was spent relaxing by the beach, trying local Latin cuisine and seeing art deco architecture. Lombatti recommends that future visitors spend some time on the west side of Miami Beach where you can see sunsets over the downtown skyscrapers.

In New York, Lombatti visited many museums and observatories all while enjoying the holiday festivities. His favorite places include Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building. 

Kimberly Vasquez Marin on the beaches of Florida

Kimberly Vasquez Marin
First Year, Spanish Track

Kimberly Vasquez Marin explored Florida hotspots during her Christmas celebrations. Some of her favorite places were the art deco district, Miami Beach, Everglades National Park, Miami Zoo and Key West. The art deco district was the most memorable with music, people and international cuisine to try while enjoying the holiday decorations and unique architecture.  

Martin Noizet sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Martin Noizet
Third Year, French Track

Martin Noizet took a trip around the world visiting New York City, Paris and the Caribbean during his winter break. His first stop, New York City, was filled with tourist attractions including the Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial, the West Village, Summit One Vanderbilt and 5th Avenue. Here, Noziet spent time shopping, attending an NBA game and seeing Aladdin the Musical on Broadway. 

On his second stop, Noziet went home to Paris to visit family and friends who he has not seen since the beginning of the academic year. 

After reconnecting and relaxing in France, Noziet made his final stop in the Caribbean for New Year’s Eve. He island-hopped from the British Virgin Islands to the Dominican Republic while on a cruise and had a great time exploring the waters snorkeling. 

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