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Poole Advisory Board Spotlight: Doug Doggett, BSBA ’83

Through its innovative curricula and collaborative learning environments, Poole College of Management actively seeks to foster innovation and create opportunities for new ideas to thrive. It’s what allowed the college to earn national recognition for its undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs. And it’s what attracts business leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset, like Doug Doggett, to the Poole College Advisory Board.

A native of Charlotte, N.C., Doggett first came to NC State in 1981 to develop a blend of skills in order to carry his family business forward. Started in 1964 by his father Bill Doggett, Doggett Concrete specializes in residential and commercial concrete construction and services the Southeast.

“I wasn’t sure what curriculum I wanted to pursue as I started my education at Wingate University. Applying to NC State allowed me to focus on courses that would help me with my dream of working in the family business. Having the ability to take both business and civil engineering classes was important for this,” Doggett explains.

“Plus, I was a long-time NC State fan. I didn’t have any previous family members or friends who went to NC State, but I fell in love with the 1973-1974 men’s basketball team and haven’t liked UNC-Chapel Hill ever since,” he says.

With the foundation he laid at NC State, Doggett worked his way into an executive position and went on to purchase and become CEO of Doggett Concrete in 2006 – a role he still holds today.

And in addition to taking over the family business, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start something new. In 1988, Doggett established Moisture Loc, which is now a well known and industry-respected waterproofing company in the Carolinas. Shortly after, he also established Concrete & Materials Placement, LLC – a full-service concrete pumping materials placement company in the Charlotte metro area.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” Doggett says. “And my education in the business program provided me with the core knowledge I needed to start these other businesses. The relationships I have with other NC State alums have also been inspirational and valuable in my business career.”

The relationships I have with other NC State alums have also been inspirational and valuable in my business career.

Having seen success, Doggett is eager to pour this knowledge into his alma mater as one of the newest members of the Poole College Advisory Board.

“I have been fortunate in business in the last few years and I want to give back to NC State,” Doggett says. “I want to make a difference in students’ lives and help the university grow its programs so other students can find the success that I’ve found.”

And with his entrepreneurial spirit, Doggett looks forward to helping Poole College continue to forge ahead as a national leader in entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship is a perspective on business that is sometimes overlooked by university programs, so I’m looking forward to bringing my perspective and experience to the board,” Doggett says.