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Introducing Your New Poole Council President: Lindsay Carter

Lindsay Carter is a junior double-majoring in economics and business administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in accounting. Carter joined Poole College in August 2020 as a freshman and will be graduating in May 2024.

Q&A with Lindsay Carter

What has been your favorite class or professor in Poole?

Predictive Analytics (BUS 351) with Professor Vivek Ajmani has definitely been my favorite class in Poole so far because it sparked my interest in data analytics and various software. This class played a major role in my decision to join the Business Analytics Honors Program this coming semester.

What are your plans for Poole Council this year?

My plan for Poole Council is to collaborate with fellow representatives and student leaders of Poole organizations to grow a strong sense of community within Nelson Hall. I intend to create and promote more opportunities for students to immerse themselves in and add to the constantly evolving Poole College of Management experience.

Why should a student get involved with a Poole club or organization?

Students should get involved in organizations within Poole because it provides them an avenue to gain practical skill sets and lessons that they traditionally would not learn in a classroom setting while also becoming exceptional student leaders in the process.

Anything else you want to share?

I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to make a difference in Poole and work alongside other creative and hardworking Poole Council members and student leaders. During my time as president, I will work to restore the community within Nelson Hall that was impacted by the pandemic and bring students together again. Please feel free to email me with feedback and ideas for this coming semester anytime!