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Student Success

Unlocking Social Impact: The 180 Degrees Consulting Experience at NC State

In just three years of operation, the NC State chapter of 180 Degrees Consulting serves as a catalyst for social impact, aiming to revolutionize the nonprofit sector by offering pro bono consultancy services.

180 Degrees Consulting Team Members of NC State standing in front Nelson Hall
180 Degrees Consulting team members of NC State University: Jack Hagan, Harrison Carter, Xander Polo, Ben Cole, Owen Streppa, Anika Bhadriraju, Nitya Ravuri, Yash Agarwal.

In the heart of North Carolina State University, a student-led initiative is making waves, connecting passion with purpose. Meet 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, and at the helm of its NC State branch is a dynamic group of students dedicated to driving positive change.

The NC State chapter of 180 Degrees Consulting serves as a catalyst for social impact, aiming to revolutionize the nonprofit sector by offering pro bono consultancy services. Covering a diverse array of areas such as marketing, social media, finance, website development, data analytics, business operations and fundraising, the club is committed to helping local and global nonprofit organizations reach their full potential.

“Our goal is to generate unique solutions that empower nonprofits and social enterprises,” says Jack Hagan, president of the NC State branch. “We want to provide students with a platform to gain real-world business experience while making a meaningful impact in our community.”

Founded in 2021 by Adam Gilleland, the NC State branch of 180 Degrees Consulting was established with a dual mission. Firstly, to create a significant social impact by working pro bono for nonprofits in the community, and secondly, to offer students an invaluable opportunity to gain professional, real-world business experience during their college years.

“The inspiration came from witnessing the transformative impact of other 180DC branches. I knew we had the potential to make a difference here at NC State,” reflects Hagan.

Spearheaded by the former president, Kara Emsley, 180 Degrees Consulting at NC State has burgeoned into a powerhouse with over 50 active members and 25 nonprofit clients served in only three years of operations. Their exceptional growth earned them the prestigious “Best New Branch in the Americas Region Award” at the 180 Degrees Global Awards in Fall 2023 β€” ”an impressive feat for a club that is only three years young,” as noted by Annie Murray, interim director of the Career Management Center.

This accolade not only underscores the rapid expansion and impact of the NC State branch but also positions it as a beacon of excellence within the larger 180 Degrees Consulting network. Murray’s acknowledgment highlights the significance of the club’s achievements, showcasing how, in a short span, it has not only made a mark within the university community but has garnered recognition on a global scale.

Through their professional development programs, members have not only honed their consultancy skills but have also secured internships, job offers, case-competition final placements, and consulting career opportunities.

Starting a new organization at a large university comes with its challenges. The team at 180 Degrees Consulting overcame hurdles by relentlessly pursuing dedicated and passionate students through recruitment events and other avenues. The commitment to perfection is evident in the continuous improvement of projects, educational materials, and the overall consulting experience provided to members.

180 Degrees Consulting at NC State has left an indelible mark on the university community. Over 100 students have had the opportunity to work in client-facing roles before graduation, significantly enhancing their professionalism and capabilities in a team environment. The branch’s involvement in case competitions, both on campus and beyond, showcases the competence and reputation of NC State.

“Our members serve as role models for newer students,” mentions Hagan, highlighting the Discovery Consulting Program that allows students to shadow projects and attend professional development workshops, accelerating their professional growth and preparing them for successful careers.

As the NC State branch continues to grow, the team at 180 Degrees Consulting is eagerly anticipating expanding their reach and collaborating with larger nonprofit organizations. The fall 2024 recruitment cycle holds exciting prospects as they aim to engage with more students and solidify their professional reputation at NC State.

In the world of 180 Degrees Consulting, each project is a step toward a better, more impactful future. As they navigate challenges and celebrate achievements, the club stands as a testament to the transformative power of student-led initiatives, leaving an enduring legacy of positive change at NC State.