Faculty and Staff

Jun 24, 2019  |  Business Management

Don Warsing: Focused on Improving Operational Outcomes

Don Warsing’s move from industry to academia enables him to dig deeply into really challenging problems

Jun 21, 2019  |  Faculty and Staff

Poole College Establishes College-wide Office of Global Programs

New centralized resource available for all Poole College’s international initiatives

Jun 21, 2019  |  Faculty and Staff

Tom Relihan Joins Poole College to Elevate Social Media

Tom Relihan has joined the Poole College of Management as a social media specialist and a member of the Marketing and Media team.

Jun 12, 2019  |  Economics

David Hyman: Forming Informed Citizens for 50 Years

Professor David Hyman enables students to make better decisions by teaching them how the economy functions.

Jun 11, 2019

Study: Intelligence Community Benefits From Collaborations, And Can Do Better

An analysis of U.S. intelligence programs aimed at collaborating with academic and industry partners finds that these collaborations are valuable for addressing complex intelligence challenges. The study also notes that institutional silos, lack of information sharing and lack of trust are obstacles to getting the most out of these collaborative efforts.

Jun 3, 2019  |  Faculty and Staff

Professor Thayer Morrill: Bridging the Theoretical and Applied to Solve Real World Problems

Professor Thayer Morrill discusses application of theoretical questions to real world problems through applied economics.

May 31, 2019  |  Research

Politicians Walk The Walk, When It Comes To Financial Investments

Study of Congress finds that the more liberal a politician’s voting record is, the more likely the politician is to invest in socially responsible stocks.

May 23, 2019  |  Research

Professor Bill Rand: Understanding Complex Networks, Data-driven Decisionmaking

Professor Bill Rand discusses his data-driven, interdisciplinary approach to marketing research and teaching.

May 17, 2019  |  Faculty and Staff

Maggie Merry Joins Poole College in Finance and Administration Role

Maggie Merry Joins Poole College assistant dean for finance and administration

May 3, 2019  |  MAC

Jay Arrington Joins NC State Jenkins MAC Admissions Team

NC State Jenkins MAC program welcomes Jay Arrington as new associate director for admissions.