Accounting Tutorial Center


The Accounting Tutorial Center provides individual or group help for students during select days and times during the week.

The walk-in tutorial center is located in 1212 Nelson Hall and is free for students taking Acc 210, Acc 220, Acc 280, Acc 310, Acc 311, and Acc 330. It is staffed by qualified graduate and undergraduate accounting students. The center cannot provide answers to graded homework or quizzes.  Students are free to arrive or leave at any time during its open hours.

Special hours for Acc 210 are also available online.

Students are required to sign-in and indicate the nature of their visit.

Please refer to the Accounting Tutorial Center Info – Spring 2019 document for the weekly schedule. Please pay special attention to whether the hours are “in person” or “online”.

Questions or feedback regarding the center should be directed to Prof. Robin Thomas at