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SAP University Alliance Program

SAP University Alliance Program in the Poole College of Management

Over a decade ago, the Poole College of Management joined the SAP University Alliances Program in order to provide students hands-on training in the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and other SAP solutions. SAP SE is the world’s leading enterprise software vendor. Currently, 87% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use its ERP system, S4/HANA, and 75% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Some of the organizations that use SAP include Verizon, Bank of America, Caterpillar, IBM, Harley-Davidson, GlaxoSmithKline, State of North Carolina, and Lenovo. The job market for SAP talent is currently at a 40% annual growth demand with 75,000+ jobs available annually.

The SAP University Alliances (UA) Certificate

The SAP University Alliances (UA) is a global program enabling more than 3,500 educational institutions in over 113 countries to integrate the latest SAP technologies into teaching. Students that complete a sequence of courses are eligible to receive the SAP UA Certificate. This certificate demonstrates to employers that the student has knowledge of SAP-enabled business processes, controls, and “configuration.” The SAP UA Certificate is a valuable addition to a student’s resume, making the student more competitive in this technology-driven global marketplace.

Required Courses

  • ACC 340 or BUS 340 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC 440 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Upon completion of the courses, students are eligible to receive the SAP UA Certificate signed by the Director of the SAP UA, North America and PCOM Professor Marianne Bradford, the SAP UA Coordinator for NC State and instructor for ACC 440.

Eligibility and Registration

All Poole College of Management students are eligible to earn the SAP UA Certificate and are encouraged to discuss their interest in the program with Professor Bradford at