Degree Programs

Business Management Degree Programs

Faculty in the Department of Business Management teach in the following areas in the Poole College of Management’s degree programs.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Analytics, Marketing, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Graduate Degree Program

Master of Business Administration, with concentrations in BioSciences Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization, Financial Management, Innovation Management, Marketing Management, Services Management and Supply Chain Management.

Executive Education

Our subject matter experts are on the faculty of NC State Executive Education, based in Poole College, teaching in such areas as Business Essentials, Design Process, Innovation, Supply Chain and Operations Management, and Strategy.

Centers and Initiatives

Our faculty engages with business and industry for impactful research and education through the following initiatives. These are a connecting point for the business community interested in engaging with Poole College for practicum and other projects.

Additional Poole College centers and initiatives: