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Organizational Excellence

Stats and Strengths

At the Poole College of Management, we instill an entrepreneurial mindset in all our students and build analytical skills into every program, so graduates leave here ready to lead. We partner with academia and industry to create extraordinary experiences for our students and faculty. Take a quick glimpse at the highlights across Poole.


The Poole College of Management at NC State University actively engages with industry and academia to create an innovative and collaborative intellectual environment that fosters learning, scholarship and service. We focus on developing and supporting leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and analytical problem solving capabilities to positively impact our data-rich, dynamic, global economy.


The Poole College of Management will be recognized as a world-class, innovative college of management that advances business and society.


  • Excellence in all endeavors
  • Innovative programs and approaches
  • Impact of our scholarship
  • Success of our students and alumni
  • A culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Ethical awareness, decisions and behaviors
  • Positive contribution to our global society

Strategic Goals

Goal #1: Enhance the success of our students through educational innovation.
The Poole College of Management will be recognized as producing graduates who possess creative thought, analytic skills and the ability to foster an environment of positive intercultural interaction in the context of today’s data-driven, global economy.

Goal #2: Enhance scholarship and research by investing in faculty and infrastructure.
The Poole College of Management will develop national and international reputations for scholarship that positively impact academia and industry.

Goal #3: Enhance interdisciplinary scholarship to address the grand challenges of society.
The Poole College of Management will partner with others to address complex issues through collaborative research and entrepreneurial engagement.

Goal #4: Enhance organizational excellence by creating a culture of constant improvement.
The Poole College of Management will responsibly develop and deploy resources to support the strategic priorities of the College.

Goal #5: Enhance local and global engagement through focused strategic partnerships.
The Poole College of Management will engage in partnerships that promote strategic innovation and provide impactful experiences to create value for all stakeholders.