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Professor Mark Beasley Discusses The Risks Of Artificial Intelligence To Major Companies

In 2018, more than 55 companies reported to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) that they list artificial¬†intelligence (AI) in the risk section of their annual reports. By filing AI as a risk, companies are stating that they see AI impacting their businesses both short and long term. Mark Beasley, a professor of accounting and enterprise risk management at NC State’s Poole College of Management, contributed to the discussion of companies who have reported AI as a risk that includes the Carlyle Group LP, Inc., and AmTrust Financial Services Inc. “Companies that have identified AI as a potential risk can take several steps to reduce their exposure,” said Beasley. “These include expanding research and development efforts into AI, acquiring the technology through mergers and acquisitions or partnerships, and examining how AI is affecting other industries to study instances of successful implementation.” Read more about the AI risk on The Wall Street Journal.