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BB&T and Poole College Help Students Determine Their Personal Leadership Style

NC State’s Poole College of Management and BB&T hosted an Emerging Leaders Certification program in mid-December 2018 to teach students the self-awareness to lead efficiently. This BB&T-created program, is a part of The BB&T Leadership Institute that seeks to expand the experiences of the next generation of leaders at the collegiate levels.

The session that Poole College hosted specifically guided students on creating a personal plan of strategies and behaviors to bring out their leadership style. The certification program was divided into two sessions:

  1. Leaders Aren’t Born
  2. What’s Your Strategy?

Leaders Aren’t Born

The first of the two sessions focused on determining which of the students’ personality and behavior traits makes them a good leader. Students participated in a discussion that helped them realize their own signature strengths that allow them to transition to a “growth mindset.”

What’s Your Strategy?

The second session determined the students’ leadership preferences through the Leadership Preferences Inventory, an assessment that analyzes their leadership strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation also included determining the students’ personal definition of success and their preferences in situations of conflict.

Student Feedback

“The workshop was interactive, informative, and gave me practical ways to become a better leader,” said one student when asked to describe their overall experience with the Emerging Leaders Certification program.

All of the participants in the workshop walked away with a better understanding of themselves as a leader and their personal preferences as they face the job market in the coming years. For more information about the BB&T Emerging Leaders Program, check out their website.