NC State and Infosys Announce New Partnership To Educate New Hires

NC State and Infosys, an information technology (IT) company in the Triangle, have announced their new partnership that plans to educate more than 2,000 new hires the IT company is bringing to the Triangle. The three-year partnership plans to take the new employees that Infosys brings to the region, as promised in 2017, and have them complete their education with the NC State Executive Education program. The Executive Education program works with companies to custom-design solutions that help employees develop valuable skills. “They’re really taking a strong educational approach,” said Daniel McGurrin, NC State Executive Education program’s director. “Folks are hired in, and provided this training from the beginning, knowing that it’s going to be a service that they are going to provide to their clients.”  Read more about the new partnership on in Triangle Business Journal and WRAL.

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