Poole’s Kristin Hiemstra Discusses the 2019 Most and Least Innovative States

In total, the United States is projected to spend $581 billion in 2019 on research and development of STEM companies and products. However, certain states have been known to spend more of the projected total based on how innovative specific state-based companies are. Wallethub, in response, ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 24 key indicators to see which states would be the most and least innovative in 2019. Kristin Hiemstra, an adjunct lecturer of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Poole College of Management, weighed in on how policymakers can influence their state’s ranking. “They should figure out a way to provide health care,” said Hiemstra. “Many of our most innovative minds are locked into jobs because of health insurance needs.” Read more on WalletHub.

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