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Student Spotlight: Shaun Conyers

Name: Shaun Conyers

Program: Master of Management, Global Luxury and Management

Graduation Year: 2019

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How did you choose GLAM at Poole College of Management?

A friend told me about the GLAM program and after conducting my research on the program I knew it was for me. Being able to get a Masters of Management and a Masters of Science in Global Luxury and Management was very fitting for me because of my previous work experience in management and deep interest in the luxury industry.

When did you first realize that the luxury industry was right for you?

I have always had a deep attraction to luxury fashion designers. Growing up in Hampton, VA there were not many opportunities for me to explore my interest simply because luxury fashion was not present within the area. As I grew older and began to travel I became more exposed to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dior. Each experience brought me closer to wanting to be apart of the luxury industry.

Was there anything that drew you specifically to NC State?

NC State is the only school that offers a dual masters degree in Global Luxury and Management, including the opportunity to study abroad. There is no competition.

What aspect of your identity is most salient when you are in classes in GLAM at Poole?

It is very important that I am able to express my personality within my program. The ability for me to share my unique life experiences and have them open the minds of my peers to a perspective they may have not considered before is a great feeling.  

What resources do you take advantage to support your success?

The program faculty, directors, and the mentorship opportunity have all been very instrumental to my success within the GLAM program. Being able to reach out to them for advice on academic and industry related topics has been a tremendous help throughout this process.

Do you feel that Poole College has an inclusive environment for your studies?

Yes, Poole College ensures that everyone is given an equal chance for all opportunities given whether academic or work-related.  

What do you hope for Poole College of Management and Black students studying here?

I hope Poole College will continue to provide an inclusive environment for all students, allowing them to express their individuality and unique life experiences within the classroom.

If you could meet your future self, what would you tell them?

“Continue working hard for everything you desire in life and if you ever reach a tough point, know that it is only temporary.”

How do you hope to impact the business world?

I hope to impact the business world by influencing and educating luxury fashion brands on the importance of diversity and inclusion within the brand.