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Staff Spotlight: Anne Clark Hathaway

Anne Clark Hathway is the associate director of the Department of Development and External Relations and has been with the Poole College of Management since October 2018. She is from Charlottesville, Virginia, and is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a bachelor of arts in communications.

As the associate director of development and external relations, Hathaway is responsible for annual giving, alumni engagement and relations, and the management of signature events. Her biggest accomplishment so far with Poole College is helping establish the first-ever Day of Giving at NC State in spring 2019.

Work at Poole College

What is the most common question you receive at work? 

“Why should I give?” Your gift not only provides funds for initiatives that greatly need support in Poole College, such as scholarships or academic department enhancement funds, but it also communicates the dedication of our faculty, staff, alumni and students to the future of Poole College. My job supports raising funds from annual support and leadership annual support. When we combine all of our annual support, we create a huge opportunity for the college. Our funds, when combined, have as much impact as a major gift. Without private support, we would not be bringing c-suite executives to campus to share life lessons with students and we could not provide financial or merit-based support to our students. So thank you for making a personally significant gift, it really does make a huge current impact on Poole College and is helping create a brighter future.

What do you see as the greatest strengths of Poole College?

Poole College truly creates an environment where our students are encouraged to think and do. By giving our students so many opportunities to learn from professionals, spend time analyzing real-world problems and be at the table to help create solutions, we are preparing students who are ready to contribute as soon as they enter an organization.

What advice would you give a staff member who has recently joined Poole College?

Be patient and open. Everyone is willing to help at Poole College. So the more questions you can ask as you start your learning process and patience you can grant the learning process, the easier it will go!

Life Outside of Poole College

When you are not at Poole College, what do you enjoy doing for fun? 

I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, Eric, cooking, playing board games and watching TV. We also love trying new restaurants and revisiting our favorites around the Triangle. My personal hobbies include making jewelry, scarves, cards, and other random crafting projects I might decide to delve into. I’m also a huge sudoku fiend and keep the books I’ve completed cover to cover.