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Staff Spotlight: Ellen Frost

Ellen Frost is the associate director of the Office of Global Programs and has previously served as a graduate assistant during her five years with the Poole College of Management. She hails from Michigan and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Hope College and a master of education from NC State.

Frost is primarily responsible for outgoing study abroad opportunities for students and advising which programs meet their academic and professional goals. She currently serves as the treasurer for the North Carolina Association of International Educators and received an Award of Excellence from Poole College in 2019. 

Work at Poole College

Why did you decide to join Poole College?

I joined Poole College of Management as a graduate assistant after being offered the position through my graduate program at NC State. I was initially attracted to the graduate assistant position as it really allowed a young professional to gain experience in many different areas in the field of international education – student advising, program development, program management, marketing, and more. I also liked that the position was situated in an academic college where I would be exposed to other units in student affairs such as academic advising, career services, and diversity and inclusion. I’ve stayed at Poole as a full-time staff member because of the people – student, faculty and staff alike. I find that Poole is a small community on a big campus and I’ve really enjoyed opportunities to build relationships here in the college. I find that the people of Poole are hard-working, creative and just fun to be around.

What is the most common question you receive at work? 

“Will studying abroad delay graduation?” – No! The programs recommended for Poole students – whether summer or semester – offer courses that are required for graduation from Poole. Students can take general education, major or concentration courses and courses toward other majors or minors while abroad. The key is planning but studying abroad will NOT delay graduation!

What have you enjoyed most about your experience at Poole College?

I’ve enjoyed the professional growth opportunities I’ve had while at Poole – presenting at conferences, serving on various committees, being encouraged to try new projects in my role, etc. Each day is different and I feel encouraged to try new opportunities.

Professional Accomplishments

What project that you completed at Poole you are most proud of?

Each year, I travel with a group of NC State students participating in one of the summer study abroad programs. I went to Argentina (2017), China (2018) and Australia (2019) over the past three years and loved the experience of seeing NC State students exploring a new culture and country. The Poole Global team spends 9+ months planning these programs from our desks in Raleigh and it is incredible to see it in “real-life” with the students experiencing all the activities that we planned over email and phone.

Life Outside of Poole College

When you are not at Poole College, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

My husband and I recently bought our first home in downtown Raleigh and are learning how to be homeowners! We enjoy exploring downtown restaurants especially eating at all the restaurants and breweries. I am also involved in our church through volunteering on Sunday mornings and serving on committees.

What do you consider as your greatest accomplishment outside of work?

I’m a registered nurse in North Carolina so keeping up my license with continuing education requirements can be a lot!

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