Long-time Best Friends to Attend Poole College Together in the Fall

Most kids can only dream of being able to attend college with their best friend since kindergarten, but Nick Ross and Cole Bouquin get to make their dream a reality this fall 2019. The two boys met in their kindergarten class and decided they would attend NC State together one day.

Ross and Bouquin continued their path to the Poole College of Management when they signed up for  Wolfpuppy Camp, a camp for kindergartners through eighth-grade students that allows them to practice their football skills with Coach Dave Doeren, in the third grade. There, the boys’ desire to go to NC State grew even more, especially with encouragement from their families who love the Wolfpack. 

“Growing up within a family who loved the Wolfpack and always being taken to games as a kid, I really just learned to love red and white,” said Bouquin. “I always dreamed of going to NC State and being a kid in the student section at football and basketball games, and now knowing it will be a reality is awesome.”

Ross plans on majoring in finance with a minor in economics but is looking forward to first-year business classes so he can decide what truly interests him at Poole. Bouquin is still undecided of his path within Poole, though he is leaning towards a marketing major due to his involvement in the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) in high school. Both are looking forward to new experiences and meeting professors and classmates as they begin their academic career at NC State.

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