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Poole’s Jeffrey Pollack Discusses Tips on How to Stay Healthy When Starting a Business

Starting a business can be demanding, which is why 41% of surveyed small business owners claim that managing their business is their number one stressor. However, almost 94% of business owners are still happy despite the stress which makes it possible to stay calm and happy while getting a business off the ground. Poole College of Management’s Jeffrey Pollack, an associate professor of entrepreneurship, used this information and helped create a list of tips to staying healthy when starting a new business. “The point is to identify stressful tasks so that you can take steps to better prepare for them,” said Pollack when discussing how to identify the sources of stress. “This may translate to outsourcing them, avoiding them if possible, or simply accepting them and moving on. This applies to your personal life, as well.” Read more on Thrive Global.

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