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Poole Alumni Collaborate to Create Protein-Packed Fruit Gummies

Will Kornegay, an alumnus of the Poole College of Management, created his company, Ripe Revival, out of the struggle to find processed foods that his food intolerance and severe allergy allowed him to eat. Working with Lauren Hearn, his sibling and fellow alumna of Poole, Kornegay made it his mission to create a high-protein snack for those with severe food allergies.

“With Ripe Revival, there’s a lot of passion behind why we commit to having clean, safe and transparent foods. We want our consumers to know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies,” said Kornegay.

The two also collaborated with fellow NC State food science graduate, Natalie Plundrich, who bridged the scientific gap to make the snacks into a reality. Read more on CBS 17.

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