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Poole’s Michelle Grainger to Speak at TEDxCaryWomen on Dec. 13

Poole College of Management’s Michelle Grainger, director for the Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), will be speaking on Friday, Dec. 13, at the TEDxCaryWomen event. Grainger is one of 16 speakers featured at the event, and she will be speaking about the Executive Farm Management program, which focuses on teaching family owned farms across the Southeast the most progressive business management tools available to ensure their operations remain profitable.

The Executive Farm Management program has partnered with CIMS and Poole since it was established in 2017, and Grainger served as interim director last year. Grainger’s talk and the rest of the event will be available on the TED Talks website in early 2020.

For more information about this event, visit the TEDxCaryWomen website.