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Accounting Networking Night Gives Students an Opportunity to Elevate Their Internship Candidacies

The Poole College of Management recently held the annual Accounting Networking Night and Summer Leadership Conference Fair on January 29 in Talley Student Union. The event is a professional network expansion opportunity for undergraduate accounting students to meet firm representatives and learn what direction they can take their degree in. 

Accounting Networking Night is offered to select students who meet a 3.0 GPA requirement, have an interest in the Jenkins MAC Program and have successfully completed ACC 210 or 220. The event is also open to students from other local schools like North Carolina Central University, Wake Technical Community College and Meredith College.

“Without events like the Accounting Networking Night it would be extremely hard to get face time with companies and to get internships with them,” said Sharon Harris, an undergraduate accounting program student. “I am extremely fortunate to go to a university that values interpersonal relationships among professionals and helps you network and find the ideal career for you.”

Kelly Hardy, associate director of student programs and career services for the Jenkins MAC Program, recommends that students prepare for networking events like the Accounting Networking Night in advance. Students can improve their candidacy for internships and other career opportunities with accounting firms by having an updated resume, researching potential employers and preparing conversation starters. 

“Bring your positive energy, and be confident in what your strengths are and always back those strengths up with concrete examples of how you’ve demonstrated them,” said Hardy. “While at this type of event, students should remember to smile, provide a firm hand-shake, and come prepared.”