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Staff Spotlight: Gabriel Gonzalez

Gabriel Gonzalez serves as the program manager for the Poole College of Management’s Entrepreneurship Clinic and has been with the college for the past three years. Gonzalez is a Poole College alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and a minor in accounting he received in 2016. 

As the program manager, Gonzalez is tasked with expanding the entrepreneurial footprint across NC State and into the Triangle community.

Work at Poole College

Why did you decide to join Poole College?

The great leadership within Poole College is what drew me in. Lewis Sheats has been a great figure of leadership for the Entrepreneurship Clinic and the college. He was a personal mentor and I decided to join forces with him and the rest of the entrepreneurship team to make NC State the leader in entrepreneurship across the nation.

What is the most common question you receive at work? 

“What is the entrepreneurship clinic?” The Entrepreneurship Clinic integrates research, teaching and real-world experience for students, faculty and entrepreneurs. The hub located in HQ Raleigh creates an immersive experience in an entrepreneurial environment. This allows students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that empowers them to create startups or help existing ventures make a true impact.

Do you currently serve on any of the university committees, peer groups, etc.? 

I am currently involved with the Andrews Launch Accelerator, a program created through the donation from Chip and Lyn Andrews, that allocates equity-free seed capital to startups. I serve as the manager and also a member of the selection committee.

What have you enjoyed most about your experience at Poole College?

I have truly enjoyed my time working with Lewis Sheats and connecting with some of the best students in the university. Combining that top talent with opportunities to solve real problems has been the highlight of my journey. 

Professional Accomplishments

What project that you completed at Poole you are most proud of?

The project I am most proud of is the Wells Fargo digital innovation project completed by a group of Jenkins MBA students. Wells Fargo approached the Entrepreneurship Clinic for help with the project and we connected them with students from the Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures course (MBA 590). 

What do you believe is your most interesting accomplishment as a staff member? 

Helping companies launch from idea to real businesses through the Andrews Launch Accelerator. As of now those companies have created many jobs and reached multiple millions in valuations. 

Life Outside of Poole College

Where were you born and what countries/state/cities did you live it?

I am originally from Valencia, Venezuela, the 3rd largest city in our country. 

When you are not at Poole College, what do you enjoy doing for fun? 

I love to read. My favorite books are Shoe Dog and the Emperor of All Maladies. I also enjoy making good coffee. 

What do you consider as your greatest accomplishment outside of work?

Having a meaningful and always evolving relationship with my family. We’re always there for each other. 

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