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Jenkins MBA

NC State’s MBA Program Rolls Out Virtual Career Center Platform

The Jenkins Career Management Center (CMC) at North Carolina State’s Poole College of Management has recently launched a new virtual career center platform. 

The new platform,, provides a highly streamlined and accessible online space for MBA students to access the full range of career resources, information, and opportunities that will help them launch meaningful careers. 

To optimize customized self-guided exploration and discovery, the CMC’s career and industry content is now curated and pulled into digital Career Communities on the new platform. In each Community, visitors can explore featured jobs and employers, student clubs, blogs and advice, events, videos, and advisors all related to a specific Industry, such as Consulting or Financial Services; Concentrations, such as Marketing Management or Supply Chain Management; or Audiences, such as Alumni and Employers. 

To build the new platform, the CMC partnered with uConnect, makers of the first virtual career center. 

“Our new virtual career center platform dramatically simplifies engagement with our career center and all we have to offer, for current students, alumni, and employer partners alike,” says Bev Porter, Director of the Jenkins Career Management Center. “We knew creating a comprehensive online home for career development was important well before we all transitioned to online learning. Now, having the ability to support students and facilitate connections with employers remotely is that much more important.” 

On the new virtual MBA career center platform, visitors can also explore dynamic student outcomes data. This provides vital transparency and allows prospective students and current students to see and become inspired by the career pathways previous MBA students have taken. 

To check out the new career center platform, visit