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15 Poole College of Management Students Receive Global Seminar Series Certificate

Throughout October and November, the Office of Global Programs hosted the Global Seminar Series, an online seminar series that brought students and faculty together from around the world. Out of the 24 participating Poole College of Management students, 15 students attended at least four out of the five seminars earning the Global Seminar Series Certificate. 

The series takes a look at creativity, innovation, global entrepreneurship, sustainability and emerging markets in a post-pandemic global business world. The participating students and faculty come from Poole College of Management, the Vienna School of Economics and Business in Austria, the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

In total, 149 undergraduate and graduate students from the five partnering universities participated over the five weeks of the series.

“This [Global Seminar Series] is precisely why I chose NC State for my MBA and these are the kinds of learning opportunities that truly grip me as a learner,” said Samuel Cameron, a Jenkins MBA student in Poole College.

The five participating Universities are planning on a new seminar series in the Spring/Summer months. More information and dates will be shared later in this semester.

Global Seminar Series Certificate Recipients

Emma Allan, sophomore in economics

Wayne Artis, junior in business administration

Samuel Cameron, Jenkins MBA Program

Rucheer Dave, sophomore in economics

Brooke Kappeler, sophomore in business administration

Alexandria Knapheide, senior in business administration

Meisha McGeorge, junior in business administration

Stephanie McIntyre, senior in business administration

Tauva Montas Colon, Jenkins MBA Program

Olivia Pagach, sophomore in economics

John Parker Pearsall, junior in business administration

Madeline Posse, sophomore in economics

William Reese, junior

Lital Stroebel, junior in business administration