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Students and Alumni

Beta Gama Sigma Welcomes 117 Students During the Virtual 2021 Induction Ceremony

The wolf artwork inside of the Talley Student Union. Photo by Marc Hall

Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business honors society, inducted 117 Poole College of Management sophomores, juniors and seniors in their virtual 2021 induction ceremony on March 23.

Beta Gamma Sigma was founded in 1913 to recognize and honor collegiate students studying business and now has over 600 chapters worldwide. The NC State chapter was established in 2001 and membership is offered to juniors and seniors who are in the top 10 percent of their class, top 20 percent of master’s students and all business doctoral students.  

“What a momentous occasion to be able to celebrate such a large number of Beta Gamma Sigma inductees,” said Tedd Szeto, assistant dean for undergraduate programs. “Achieving this accomplishment is a testament not only to their academic abilities, but to their resilience and adaptability in this unexpected virtual environment.” 

2021 Beta Gamma Sigma Inductees

Master of Accounting 

Joseph Dean Jarman

Amy Lamp

Samuel Caleb Main

Hannah Rose Moyles

Kritika Singhal

Brian Alan White

Master of Business Administration 

Saurabh Agarwal

Ryan Lawrence Coble

Tianna Nicole Coon

Brian Thomas Hendrix

Christopher Wade Johnson

Swanand Juvekar

Benjamin Powell Lamar

Jessy Danielle Oxenberg

John B. Romanello

Bachelor of Science in Accounting 


Macy Gordon Carmichael

Evan R. Dombek

Daniel Aaron Ellison

Lily Catherine Grissom

Adrienne Walton


Tanner Madison Buff

Alexander Justin Healy

Batool Hekmat

Garrett Evan Hewett

Cathryn Dawn Jones

Abigail Marie Meier

Emily Brevard Orr

Matthew James Raynor

Lance Norwood Rowe

Ryan James Schlossberg

Kourtney Lynn Stone

William J. Tierney

Jordan Isiah Wyke


Mrinalini Garg

Mckenzie Catherine Greene

Jessica Ann Hood

Ariel Reece Williams

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Emily Rose Bowman

Macy Gordon Carmichael

Brandon David Chase

Arya Ashishkumar Gor

Julia Elizabeth Hensley

Samantha Isabel Jaouiche

Lydia Janet King

Laura Katherine Lindstrom

Chandler York Matthews

Kahlan Elizabeth Mitchell

Katherine Elizabeth Moore

Devak P. Patel

Jessica Lynn Pia

Thomas Paul Schottland

Iena Katherine Vaughn

William David Ventura

Wesley Michael Ward

Samantha Nicole Watts

Ethan Ryan Wolff


Shruthi Anand

Suzan Hmoud Awamleh

Katherine Grace Bublitz

Olivia Angeline Christensen

Brock Matthew Coffey

Dawson Stuart Duguid

Riley Nicole Ferguson

Kayla Michelle Foster

Nahomy Garcia Perez

Kiele Ann Girouard

Olivia Grace Halferty

Brandon Michael Herrera

Garrett Evan Hewett

Lindsay Carlisle Holtz

Taylor Alexandra Hunn

Matthew Harrison Jenkins

Erin Kearney

Meredith Riley Keever

Shalini Laura Kumar-Hardy

Sean Benjamin Malone

Alexander Luc Perrin

Raiford Elliott Turner

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Isabel Rebecca McInnis

Jessica Rae McKee

Jacob Anderson Meyers

Peyton Allen Neese

Yash Patel

Hannah Alma Puryear

Catherine Ayla Raemore

Matthew James Raynor Rezek

Anna Grace Saele

Muhammad Sakib

Quentin Vincent Serra

Lauren Elizabeth Shell

Valeryia Shutkova

Mary Louise Sprague

Bridget Sweitzer

Austin Gregory White

Julianna Katherine White

Robert Alexander Whitehead

Camden Carmichael Wilder

John Nathan Wilk

Hayden Williford

Jordan Isiah Wyke

Shaotong Yu


Mrinalini Garg

Yuqi Li

Aishwarya Madhavan

Owen Perkins

Quentin Rochas

Nathan S. Rofail

Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Olivia Rose Pagach

Carly Ellen Stephenson

Bachelor of Science in Economics


Colton Chase Landy


Omar-Karim Mohammed Al-Adhami

William Scott Bethune

John Bueck

Morgan Jennings Kuchenbrod


Noah Scott Bowman

Ryan Thomas Hassett

Robert William Seybold