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Awards & Recognitions

Poole College of Management Celebrates 2021 Faculty and Staff Award Nominees and Recipients

The NC State block "S" logo in brick off Varsity Drive. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

The Poole College of Management honors the faculty and staff nominees and recipients of college and university-wide awards. These awards range from teaching excellence, research impact and work excellence.

We would like to congratulate our 2021 nominees and recipients and encourage them to continue their extraordinary work at Poole College.

Poole College Awards

Poole College Teaching Excellence Award

  • Jennie Dirienzo, professor of practice in accounting and coordinator for tax analytics and technology program
  • Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya, associate professor of operations and supply chain management
  • Leigh Shamblin, director of leadership and professor of practice 
  • Award Recipient: Allison Lowe Reed, lecturer in economics 

Poole College Research Leadership Award

  • Nathan Goldman, assistant professor of accounting 
  • Tim Kraft, assistant professor of operations and supply chain management
  • Rishika Rishika, associate professor of marketing 
  • Umut Dur, associate professor of economics
  • Award Recipient: Jeff Pollack, associate professor of entrepreneurship

Poole College Research Impact Award

  • Mark Beasley, professor of accounting 
  • Jesse Ellis, professor of finance 
  • Bill Rand, executive director of the Business Analytics Initiative and associate professor of marketing
  • Beth Ritter, professor of practice of human resources 
  • Award Recipient: Melinda Morril, professor of economics 

Awards for Excellence

  • Susan Ebbs, CRM program manager
  • Kathleen Ford, operations assistant
  • Emily Gower, admissions specialist
  • Tayah Butler, director of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Jenny Champ, associate director of admissions
  • Sarah Danaher, admissions recruiter
  • Alissa Dodds, academic advisor
  • Jason DeRousie, director of curriculum and academic program
  • Julie Fleming, director of advising and student affairs
  • Megan Grubb, assistant director of scheduling and academic programs
  • Jenny Hammond, chief marketing and communications officer
  • Riley Hutchison, assistant director of admissions
  • Anne Clark Lau, associate director of development
  • Kristie McGowan, director of the Global Luxury and Management Program
  • Maggie Merry, assistant dean of finance and administration
  • Beverly Porter, director of career center
  • Maria Potepalova, associate director of integrated communications
  • SHRA Recipient: Kimberly Whitfield, executive assistant to the dean
  • EHRA Recipient: Beth Shepherd, director of instructional design

NC State Awards

Alumni Association Graduate Professorship Award Recipient 

  • Steve Barr, professor of technology management

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Nominees

  • Roby Sawyers, professor of accounting 
  • Stefanie Robinson, associate professor of marketing 

Outstanding Teacher Awards 

  • Christina Lewellen, assistant professor of accounting 
  • Denis Petellier, associate professor of economics 
  • Poole Recipient/University Recipient: Patrice Nealon, senior lecturer in marketing 
  • Poole Recipient/University Recipient/Alumni Association Recipient: Steve Barr, professor of technology management

Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • Jeff Pollack, associate professor of entrepreneurship

Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching Award Nominees

  • Mark Beasley, professor of accounting 
  • Poole Recipient: Paul Mulvey, professor of human resource management