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Students and Alumni

A Summer of Think and Do

Explore the summer internships of Poole College of Management students across industries throughout the country.

Students across NC State University spend their summers gaining hands-on learning experience through internships. This summer, Poole College of Management students have tackled the virtual hybrid work environment across industries through various internship positions.

“Many of the hundreds of employers that recruit our undergraduate students understand that internship programs are key to developing a solid pipeline of talent for the future,” said Brian Newton, director of the Poole College Career Center for undergraduate programs. “I just met with a Fortune 500 company today that is facing a rapidly aging workforce and they are committing more resources for their current internship and co-op programs.”

“Each summer, our student interns are working for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, and start-ups around the US and completing real-world projects that truly are beneficial to the company. For me, it’s exciting to talk with our students and find out what they were working on during their internships.”  

Poole students looking for internships have found opportunities in ePack, the Poole College Career Center, career fairs, Linkedin and through professor recommendations.

Poole Student Interns

Courtney Klich, Nike intern

Courtney Klich, senior, business administration

Company: Nike (Beaverton, Oregon)

Position Title: Innovation Finance – Financial Analyst Intern

I am working on a summer long project where I am analyzing a footwear material, particularly in the innovation space. To gain valuable insights, I am conducting an in-depth analysis of their data to identify key performance indicators that will help gauge the success of innovation styles compared to in-line. Particularly, I am looking into revenue and profit margins to determine the role of lifestyle and performance shoes in Nike’s portfolio.

This is my first corporate experience working for a large retail company. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes! It has been an incredible experience to set up coffee chats with people across the company to explore the variety of roles that are required for a company like Nike to function. As someone studying finance, it has been fascinating to learn more about the supply chain and think about how their processes move Nike towards it’s financial goals.

Nike has such a fun work environment, its hard to pick one moment. I ran into Victor Wembanyama in the lobby of my building, and walked past Colin Kaepernick at a campus event. There are always athletes on campus! Additionally, Nike organized for the interns to go to a Timber’s soccer game and a boat ride down the Willamette River. One week this summer, we had an event called Combine where the intern class was broken into groups of 8-9 and had two days to solve a business problem and prepare a pitch. It was a great way to collaborate and problem solve! There are so many events and fun ways to get involved at work!

My best advice is to start your search early. Some companies open their application as early as July or August. While you have time away from classes, make a spreadsheet tracking all your applications. My best tip is to save the job description as a PDF, as some firms will take it down by the time you interview. Don’t be nervous to interview, you will naturally improve with more practice!

Lindsay Strickland, The Go-To intern

Lindsay Strickland, junior, business administration

Company: The Go-To (Winston-Salem, NC)

Position Title: Marketing and Writing Intern

As a Marketing and Writing Intern, I research and write articles for The Go-To’s website, write a weekly newsletter for both our Winston-Salem and Greensboro departments, edit posts and stories for our social media pages, create captions for Instagram posts, and attend meetings with our potential partners and with our marketing agency!

My internship has taught me lots of practical skills, like how to use multiple different softwares, how to create and stick to a business plan, how to implement various marketing strategies, and how to write in a professional, informative manner. I have also become more confident in working with others, being a leader, networking, and coming up with creative marketing ideas, and I know that these skills will benefit me in any future job I may have.

I get to visit different business, restaurants, or events around the area to speak with the owners and take pictures/videos for social media content, so I often get to hear the inside scoop and some behind the scenes secrets!

Carleigh Jo Crabtree, NC State OIT intern

Carleigh Jo Crabtree, senior, business administration

Company: NC State University OIT (Raleigh, NC)

Position Title: Network Operations Service Desk Intern

In my internship, I work in the NOC assisting with customer resolution of problems, work in Service Now Ticketing application, gather information from customers and start the troubleshooting process. I also work with the data analysts on more advanced issues that lead to onsite troubleshooting and problem resolution. I have also learned how to bounce switch ports, change plans, verify and change port configs on switches, set downtime, and patch outlets.  I have also worked in several applications when provisioning wireless Access Ports such as Aruba, Infoblox and Netdisco.

Through this internship, I have learned more than I even knew that I needed to learn! This internship has taught me not only the hard skills of learning how to go through the troubleshooting process, but also the soft skills of learning how to search through documentation to work through processes, using resources such as the analysts on duty to gain higher knowledge and has helped me understand what a career in IT can look like.

Through this internship, we get to make onsite visits and work in the Telco closets. For me, doing things like patching an outlet where you actually go in the Telco closet and connect the cord and then go through applications to verify that it is working is one of the coolest things. It is rewarding to see how the computer work ties into the physical/hands-on work.

Mustafa Syed, M1 Finance intern

Mustafa Syed, sophomore, economics

Company: M1 Finance (Chicago, IL)

Position Title: CRM Promotions Intern

I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and my managers expect as much from me as anybody else on the team. So far I’ve learned industry software such as Salesforce and Asana as well as the process of creating marketing campaigns from start to finish. I’ve also learned how to work in a hyper-growth company where new team members are added on a weekly basis and figuring out how to integrate new people onto a team quickly.

I was able to work from the office for a couple of days and meet with co-workers, including the founder and CEO, Brian Barnes.

Make sure to have multiple versions of a resume and cover letter with slightly tweaked wording to stand out in an ATS system. Don’t get discouraged with the rejection you will get. All you need is one yes.

Dan Webb, First Flight Venture Center intern

Dan Webb, sophomore, business administration

Company: First Flight Venture Center (Research Triangle Park, NC)

Position Title: Marketing Intern

I began working for First Flight Venture Center in October 2020– a year-round internship in which I coordinate and host events and create marketing collateral using my entrepreneurial, graphic design and business writing skills. My favorite part is hosting in-person hybrid events for local entrepreneurs in which I am able to put my technical and soft skills to the test simultaneously while supporting entrepreneurs.

I have established heartfelt connections and friendships with many entrepreneurs and industry professionals, as well as learned many on-the-job skills. I think I’ve benefited more as an entrepreneur by learning at our educational events along with the audience of entrepreneurs.

This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, as the incubator was founded in 1991. I created a special logo that is going to be seen everywhere during a special lunch event/gala later this year at the Governor’s Mansion.

Brooke Kappeler, SAS intern

Brooke Kappeler, junior, business administration 

Company: SAS (Cary, NC)

Position Title: Year-Round Global

Accounting and Expense Intern

I am on our Global Expense Team so I work on the day-to-day expenses of our offices overseas. More specifically, I work with France, Spain, Latin America, Portugal, Brazil and the BeNeLux region. I also get to help tweak and improve financial policies as well as work on projects dealing with unaccounted for transactions and revenue recognition with our client companies. 

I have learned a lot about communication and behavior in a professional environment. In my position, I am constantly contacting employees in other countries and on different teams. It was important that I learned quickly how best to conduct myself and work with people from all backgrounds. I also have tried to become more comfortable networking and putting myself out there to meet the managers of other teams. I think it will be valuable for me when I am looking for jobs next year or post-graduation.

I would suggest applying to a lot of internships and positions of great variety. Just because the role may not be exactly on target with your path doesn’t mean you won’t get it and/or it won’t be a great opportunity. You can certainly still learn a lot and gain a great experience regardless.

Ashleigh Davis, Red Hat intern

Ashleigh Davis, senior, accounting

Company: Red Hat (Raleigh, NC)

Position Title: Revenue Accounting Intern

Working for both the North America Project Accounting and Revenue teams helping update daily control reports, contract review, meet virtually with employees around the world, and complete job tasks that assist my team and increase efficiency. 

My work team went to a Durham Bulls game together. We also have an intern class of about 250 students and we have development sessions and social events online to get to know each other.

Internships are meant to be a learning experience and benefit you just as much as you benefit the company. Ask for a mentor, they will be a great resource for you as you navigate the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it makes you seem eager to learn and people are more than willing to help you out.

Kriti Vaish, Bank of America intern

Kriti Vaish, senior, business administration

Company: Bank of America (Boston, MA)

Position Title: Strategy and Management Summer Analyst

The internship has allowed me to develop my problem-solving and communication skills. It has also facilitated my professional network and helped me understand what I want in a future career.

It has been fun to attend many intern speaker sessions including the CEO, Brian Moynihan, and other C-Suite executives.

Josh Hutson, Port of Virginia intern

Josh Hutson, senior, business administration

Company: Port of Virginia (Norfolk, VA)

Position Title: Operations Control Center Intern

I am working in the Operations Control Center at the Virginia International Gateway Terminal of the Port of Virginia. I was assigned a project to work on throughout the 8-week program where I am analyzing data on queue time build-ups for the port’s semi-automated stacking cranes and their remote operators. I have been able to work closely with several managers and assistant managers along with many others to achieve the goals of my project. I have also been lucky enough to personally meet the senior leadership of the Port, including the CEO, CSO, CMO and COO. At the conclusion of our internship, the other interns and I will present our projects to the senior leadership and our managers.

During this internship, I have greatly increased my professional abilities and got my first real taste of working in a corporate office environment. I have learned skills such as project management and most importantly networking.

I had the opportunity to go on to a Ship to Shore crane, as well as go onboard a container vessel. I also got to use the simulator for the Ship to Shore cranes that operators train on.

Jada Wyatt, Ultraloop Technologies intern

Jada Wyatt, junior, business administration

Company: Ultraloop Technologies (Chapel Hill, NC)

Position Title: Project Management Intern

Full-time work for a startup has given me insight to managing others, planning and organization. I have aimed to be a project manager after my education at NC State but now it looks like I will be as a junior in college.

I’ve conducted interviews! I found this process really exciting because I’ve only ever been on the interviewee’s side. I was able to sort through applicants, pick who to interview, conduct interviews and argue for candidates that I believe should be hired.

Update your resume and apply to every internship that peaks your interest! The more options, the better. Take advantage of career fairs, ePack, Linkedin, etc!