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Meet the Poole Student Council President: Simran Kapoor

Simran Kapoor is a senior double majoring in accounting and business administration with a concentration in finance. Kapoor will be serving as the Poole Student Council president until she graduates in December 2021.

Get to Know Simran

What has been your favorite class or professor at Poole?

I love Poole’s accounting department, and I will always look up to all of my professors! I especially enjoyed ACC 310 and 311 with Professor Thomas because all the detailed financial accounting I learned and applied has taken me very far.

Tell us about your internships.

I have interned with Johnson Lambert and DHG, two incredible accounting firms in Raleigh! I loved both my experiences and want to continue in public accounting. Attending networking nights and career fairs is the best way to make professional connections!

What are your plans for Poole Council this semester?

My favorite part about Poole Council is that it continues to change as Poole College changes. This semester I intend to host tabling events to get feedback from the student body. I want to use this feedback to make Poole events a valuable experience for our entire student body!

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to apply to the Jenkins MAC program after I graduate (Go Pack!), earn my CPA license, and then work in public accounting!

What words of advice do you have for students who are new to Poole?

My advice to new Poole students is to participate in class and to attend the Poole Party to get involved. It makes all of the difference to our shared Poole community!